The cricketing world champions and their lilliput behaviour

The Ponting push. A Srinivas
I was shocked to watch on TV the Australian way of celebrating their victory by dishonouring and pushing of the BCCI president off the stage. And it was belittling behaviour that even gave a bad taste to the Indian Hosts of the Aussies’ behaviour.
As they were known on the field for their comments and provokative behaviour.
Australian captain Ricky Ponting pointed his finger at Pawar and then the rest of his mates literally nudged the BCCI President down the dais as they celebrated their maiden Champions Trophy triumph in Mumbai on Sunday
Pawar was addressed as ‘hiya buddy’: Gavaskar (Cricket Zone)
BCCI President Sharad Pawar was not only nudged off the dais by the Australian cricketers but also addressed as ‘hiya buddy’ by one of them during the Champions Trophy presentation ceremony in Mumbai.

This was disclosed today by legendary batsman Sunil Gavaskar who was also present on the stage on Sunday night.

Arrogant and rude (Daily Telegraph)

AUSTRALIA’S bad boy reputation has surfaced again with senior players accused of rudely snubbing India’s top cricket official in front of millions of television viewers.

Cricketing great Sachin Tendulkar has led a chorus of criticism after Australian batsman Damien Martyn grabbed Indian cricket board president Sharad Pawar to nudge him off stage during the Champions Trophy final presentation.


Sachin, former cricketers slam Aussies for nudging Sharad Pawar
MUMBAI: The nudging of Indian Cricket Board chief Sharad Pawar by the Australians during the Champions Trophy prize distribution ceremony evoked sharp criticism today from Sachin Tendulkar and former cricketers who described the behaviour as “unpleasant”. ”

CA to investigate Pawar shoving (Hindustan Times)

Cricket Australia on Tuesday promised a probe into the nudging of Sharad Pawar by its players whose conduct was deplored by Sunil Gavaskar who disclosed that the BCCI President was addressed as “hiya buddy” by one of the team members.




However, the Australian media reported on Thursday that both the players had offered to apologise to Pawar.

A remorseful Ponting tried to contact Pawar at least a dozen of times, but all his efforts went in vain, The Age reported on Thursday.

“I’d like to think not, I think the public have probably had an opportunity today to have a look at the incident (on television footage),” he said at the launch of his 2006 Captain’s Diary.

“I hadn’t seen it until this morning myself. It doesn’t look great on television, but I think the more times you look at it, you probably realise that there’s no intent to offend anybody,” he said, adding, “we all probably got a little bit caught up in the excitement of the moment.

“That’s why I think it is so important for me to be in personal contact (with Pawar) and if there is anything lingering on to get it sorted out as quickly as we can.”

Martyn also offered an apology to Pawar for the behaviour. “I did not mean to offend him and I apologise if I did so,” he told Sydney-based Daily Telegraph

7 thoughts on “The cricketing world champions and their lilliput behaviour

  1. svelliyod

    I just saw this replay on TV. I did not think it was a spur of the moment, enthusiasm driven and unconscious act. It appeared to be the way they are, which is not acceptable by any standards of behaviour.
    First, when I’d herad about this, I thought that too much was being made of an small incident, but when I saw it on TV, the picture is clear.
    It is NOT acceptable.

  2. Sabiha

    Although I haven’t seen it on TV, I still don’t appreciate it. No matter how good are you at what you do, you don’t get a right to be discourteous to others….
    Not at all an accpetable form of behaviour in my book!

  3. Mahesh Khanna T

    well I read abt this in a newspaper today, and felt very bad for thier behaviour. But, I also read that BCCI didnt take it serious as it happened unexpectedly and casually .. whatever, this is not the act to be apprecited and for sure a serious action should be taken against kargaroos

  4. Beau-belle

    I saw this on all possible news channels today. My hero was making sure to show me the clear picture of the abusal…well there needs to be some vigerous act to be implemented on the Aussies so as to teach a lesson to the rest of the world…nice one..take care

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