Demolitions with no alternatives

My fav pass time used to be browsing the books along the footpath in koti. ANd I love doing it still. But from now onwards Koti is going to be cleaned up of the ‘ 40 year of encroachings’ and their crime is that they serve the student community with 40% lesser priced books. Students from the lower income groups used to benefit from the Koti book streets low priced secondhand books as they were called.

I dont want to say that the encroachments should continue for ever. Atleast as I have written in these pages earlier there should be an “alternative”. The Govt says that theres an alternative. And hold ur breath its soooo big an alternative that a subway in koti which is not being used by commuters will be alloted to the 32 book wendors. oops no Iam sorry its 50 and odd its been doubled in a narrow subway where 5 persons can walk side by side at the same time.

Of the total 104 shops, while 72 shop owners have been provided space in the MCH market in nearby Sultan Bazar area, the remaining shops are being shifted to the subway in Koti.

Bookstalls demolished at Koti amidst protests

Hyderabad’s oldest book market razed

MCH pulls down Koti book shops


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