Wish America, greet America …

Atlast the American people have given their say a big “Nay” to the war monger in the Jr.BUSH. The great news is that the democrats are back after a closely watched election in which the Elephant gets a Donkey kick in US . Heres what Democrats Take Control of the Senate scream from the Truth out website. Heres how its going to be after the change in equations.

But never the less

Truthdig was reflecting the mood (Marie Cocco: Even in Defeat, Bush Is Myopic).

Yes, it was Iraq and Republican corruption and the unnerving sense, from corner to corner across America, that Bush’s policies haven’t made us safe from terrorism. But when people were asked as they left the voting booths about the issues that were “extremely important’’ in determining their choices, a concern that roils middle-class neighborhoods emerged: the economy, stupid.

Watching America carried (The Frontier Post, Pakistan wrote)

The doctrine of American expansion under the banner of exporting freedom and democracy, of not appeasing brutal dictators and building America’s global hegemony, are all principles that originated with the Democratic Party.

And a more expected but widespread applause for the democrats win came from the Europeans. hoping the resurgent Democrats would help end ugly rifts that have soured trans-Atlantic relations in recent years. Said a report from reuters. Unilateral policy making has had its fruits for the bush administration loosing friends and gaining a lot of foes.

openDemocracy - democracy in global politics


By a happy demographic accident, the new control of the House means that the all-powerful Committee Chairmanships, which go on seniority, will go to a generation of Democrats that precedes the Clintonian New Democrats. They are mostly liberals of the tail end of the FDR generation and onwards, epitomized by the new Speaker of the House (and first woman in the job) Nancy Pelosi, who promised a radical, and designedly vote catching domestic legislative agenda that would begin immediately, and which would challenge the Senate and the White House to risk severe further losses in the future if they disagreed.

(AGI) – Rome, Nov. 8 – Lower House speaker Fausto Bertinotti said today: “Democrats’ s victory can favour an idea of multilateral policy in the world that envisages in general the issue of peace”. Bertinotti commented the results of US mid-term elections during an aside at a meeting at the Lower House. “I believe that expectations have come true as to say the Democrats’s victory. I stress it because the correspondence between expectations and results says the process is very deep and one of the reasons is the failure of the Bush administration’s policy in Iraq and the growing and widespread condemnation of the war” he said.

Heres Something to note very interesting:

The Congress and Senate has a combined women representation the highest ever 86. The Congress with 70 and the senate with 16 more has a proud moment for the women power. Thats not the end,theres more to it the Speaker would be Nancy Pelosithe first ever woman speaker for the US House of Representatives.

Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

4 thoughts on “Wish America, greet America …

  1. Anonymous

    I am a republican myself but I did vote for at least 5 democrats largely due to the reason they were the best people for the jobs, such as our state governor, our state comptroller as well as our state attorney general as well as one for state senate. This had nothing to do with bush being a war monger. I am a war veteran whom does not live in the fantasy that we can achieve certain things without war, where I did vote for some democrats as a registered republican, this by no means says that I voted against my president, I still believe in our country being in IRaq, I just want things handled differently, I still support our troops as well as our president. Too many people are misconstruing this election, we in america wanted change, and I do believe we are going to get it, but not because we think bush is a war monger, only the ill informed think that way. GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS AND GOD BLESS IRAQ IN THEIR FIGHT FOR DEMOCRACY.

  2. Mithuna

    Its politics.. Nothing is going to change with respect to foreign policies..
    An Honest Politician or a Honest Government is an Oxymoron… doesnt exist.

  3. ॐ nina infinite ॐ

    I am a Texan surrounded by ignorant, frightened and dangerous people. Some call themselves Republicans, and in my opinion, most of them, along with Bush, ARE warmongers. I voted straight Democrat. I DID vote against this president, and all he stands for. What kind of fool tries to bankrupt the nation waging a needless war, and then closes veterans hospitals, cuts veteran benefits during wartime? The man is destroying our nation, and the principles it was founded upon, dissecting the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, suspending the writ of Habeas Corpus. He should in my opinion, be impeached, and along with his cronies be tried for war crimes. Iraq War was never about democracy , that sweet concept prostituted every time the corporate elite have a vested monetary interest in someone else’s nation.

    And while I think Bush and company are dangerous morons, I also think that worldwide there are many like him covertly involved in a deadly chess game in which average citizens of all nations are expendable pawns. The world is far from any hope of peace and plenty these days with its population explosion and fight for resources. The jaws of global trans-national corporate monopolies will lock in a death grip around any who dare challenge them. Look at Rwanda..the entire continent of Africa. Genocide is the name of the game and always has been.

    I don’t presume to speak for others, and I would like it, “just someone”, if your kind would back off and not try to speak for all Americans as you did in your above comment. BTW: I am not ill informed, nor was Gandhi, and still he stood for pacifism, sacrifice, diplomacy and honor. I stand with him.

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