The Childrens day

Yeah in this part of the world we celebrate CHILDRENS day on NOV 14th ie., the Pandit Nehru’s B’day. I was wondering about the fate of children as child labourers and children in the conflict zones living as orphans or even more helplessly n dangerously as well as pitifully though I hate to use the word myself. The future of the planet is lurking in the bonded labour and in the dark ghettos some as exploited child soldiers while other as child prostitutes and more as forced labourers for life. They will live as slaves for a life time. No not even the west neither is the Developed world an exception. Everybody has no less a share in this.  Look at the child abuse online and theres this campaign to lighta a million candles for the innocent victims of child pornography. 

It was nt untill all our 360 friends got together and decided to cotribute to the cause that it became a flash point. I loved the theme, I appreciate it. Thats how a difference is made and not just by brooding at things. As the Hindu Monk  Samy Vivekananda says ” ARAISE AWAKE stop not till you reach your goal….


In Pictures: Child labourers

One in six children across the globe are involved in child labour, including trafficking, sexual exploitation, slavery, hazardous work, and conflict. Just over a third, 73 million, are under 10.

As the International Labour Organisation (ILO) marks the World Day Against Child Labour, BBC News Online examines how children are being exploited.

Images courtesy ILO unless stated.


Image Introduction1





Factory work4



Carpet industry6






Hazardous work9



after war
child workers

At least 250 million school-aged children are child labourers. Almost half of these are employed in full-time jobs, for low wages and in hazardous conditions.

There are an estimated three hundred thousand child soldiers around the world. Every year the number grows as more children are recruited for use in active combat.

THE ICFTU report elaborates the Western Child labour and exploitation trends

The UN estimates that approximately1.2 million children are trafficked each year, generating between US$7-10 billion annually for traffickers. In the Americas, Haitian rural children are trafficked to the cities as servants; in Suriname and Brazil children are forced to work in gold mines. There are reports of children from Honduras, El Salvador and Venzuela trafficked for adoption in the USA.

Contribute to the Child labour rehabilitation effrots in u r own way.

12 thoughts on “The Childrens day

  1. sunny

    Veeru, You are to be commended for this blog entry. This is an outstanding write up. You too have taken up a torch as a child’s advocate. Your blog is heart wrenching but necessary in order to be informative. Thank you veeru. -sunny

  2. Christopher

    Indeed a troubling problem. If people like you continue to speak out and do things to help children a real difference can be made. One person can’t save all the world’s children, but he or she can help a few.

  3. mimi

    hope you don’t mind me stopping by, i’m a friend of sunny’s. wonderful blog…i am a children’s advocate, and yes, together we can save the world one child at a time!!!

  4. Deleted

    Hi veeru — I’m a friend of Sunny’s and I just wanted to say the key to preventing children from becoming runaways or falling victim to the manipulations of those who wish to exploit them is awareness by caregivers and a their ability to communicate with their children. An open line of communication in families is one of the most important ways to keep children from running away. Anyone who has been a parent, grandparent, or guardian recognizes that this task is not easy; therefore, caregivers are encouraged to seek help from whatever resourse they can find. I have made working with neglected children, my life’s purpose. Thank you for this outstanding blog!

  5. ......................

    Thank you. I only hope that as adults, we will finally see the light and see what we are doing to our most precious resources….our children.

  6. Veeru వీరు

    Sunny ::
    Thanks for the stopping by and leaving ur comments. I wud just say Join hands.

    Ur right. Thank you and Initiative is what counts. It all starts with ‘I’ is the first step.

    Thank you.

    Thats what makes a difference. JOIN HANDS

    Keep the flame burning. Join Hands

    Ur welcome and Ur right More hands to make a difference.

    VA VA::
    Priviliged to have u here. Glad to know and hope we can make some difference.

    Thank you. Thanks for comming. Anticipating some action on the subject.

    Its a previlige. And the URL should reach all those online users 4 awareness sake.

    Absolutely, we r the ones that can make a difference.

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