Save The Whales, Please!

Save The Whales, Please!

Thank you sankarn And I was on a whale hunt too.. Ooops don get me wrong just browsing for some real awareness on the subject. And here I landed on a planet i always loved to be, to my fav subject the Folklore and here I landed on this wonderful place on the net. I still remember the Sindbad stories from our childhood books that we had an amazed about, the way he was in the seas and lands up on the whale so large that he thinks its an Island.

As children we have so many sensitive feelings and why is taht the grownups (me included) loose touch with the nature and end up destroying the tree on which we stand. Cant we understand the importance of every mammal, insect, tree, animal, and their habbitat ? Are we so lost in the craze for developed world that we are destroying the planet and making it more dangerous for future generations. The whale is hunted not even spared when its pregnant was what I felt moreinhuman than anything else. Whale hunting is inhuman not fit to be called human by itself.

The wonderful things there and Iam still lost on the whole folklores and exploring will let you know when I have a handful of them until then campaign to preserve the Bio-diversity.

No matter how strong u r u dont have the right to destroy the other species (Remember the Dynosour). Look at the campaign against save the whales again for more on it at

Make a difference

We can make a difference and heres some more.

  1. Just Blog on the Subject
  2. If u can sign one of those online Petitions
  3. Donate to the Organisations working
  4. If u have time Volunteer for them


Heres some small simple game if u want to play one.

Watch the Video

Whales around the worldLink to map of whale migration routes and military sonar incidents

Dotted lines show migration routes of three species of whales through BioGem habitats.* Red circles show places in these areas where use of military sonar has coincided with whale strandings and deaths.

Save the Whale Art Print by Coleman
Save the Whale by Coleman ::: Courtesy ALL


12 thoughts on “Save The Whales, Please!

  1. Pavan

    And will the ppl. who are eating Whales, will they stop???

    Coming back to my old and good point, whales are same as any other animal. So will people stop eating meat??? If yes, then I’ll sign the petition.

  2. RAVI


  3. Deleted

    Hello – I have come to your page via Sankaran. I have just written my Blog on the subject of whales and added my little piece to try to bring awareness to their plight. Thank you for raising this issue.

  4. Veeru వీరు

    Terri Opossum, treehugger ::
    might b n whatever form it may take hunting n destroying natural habbitats as well as the Bio-diversity equilibrium is worth protesting.

    Thats true a protest is the only way of expressing the displeasure, thats how we bring up issues to the notice of the administrations concerned.

    Thank you

    Thank you again.

    Just someone::
    When we agree we make a positive enrgy thats worth a purpose and that can change things for better.

    Yeah bro, the Iceland Govt “will” take a note of the issue and the International community will do the pressure. A recent study says that 27% of the Policy makers do rely on the Blogging community’s opinion voiced thru the blogs and communities for a feedback and verification of the public mood.

    True and we shall make the difference, Just u n me and others like us one by one.

    Thats gr8 I THANK SANKARAN, for lighting the flame and its for all of us to take this forward. Glad that u have done ur blog too n joned us.

  5. Anonymous

    Hello, I also came via Sankaran’s blog.
    A grain of sand may be insignificant, but place it alongside a million others and eventually you have a beach.

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