Am still not ready but u can visit this one

India is a million new initiatives now and GoodNewsIndia is dedicated to publicising them.

After a long travel and still sooting memories and a montage of pix reeling in my mind, Am still not ready to blog. But still couldnt just leave u all that way. Se here it goes click here if u want to know of the voluntary efforts going on around u and want to get associated with one such.
Who said theres no Hope for India and Indians, who said theres the India thats being robbed and dacoited by the politicians and the Babus, and who dare say the India and Bharat are two widening continental plates drifting apart (even if they are look down and look up to c the bridges)

I suddenly felt like asking so many questions to one of my co-passengers a Retired judge duo that travelled with me on the AP Express from Hyd- Delhi on 17th this month. We were talking some wayward news and gossip mixed with brief intervention and disturbance from passengers on theur own versions of corruption, poverty and No hope stories that they have been listening along with most of us. And all of a sudden the discussion went this way, out of control but at the end of it believe me they were much peaceful and wondering if so much has been happening around them but they still no so little themselves. Blame it on the newspapers for blowing up a crime or a scam (I concur with those jopurnos who wanna say we are just bringing into light the bad so that it can be cleansed.) but dont we have the right to know some positive action going around us.

Take for example a group of IITians forming a National Party for transfroming India into something better and Look at the group of Software engineers who are tutoring the slum children, look at the small time farmer donating a bag of his hard earned farm produce to a poor boys hostel, or a beggar who donates part of his alms to a community development initiative….. Look at the honest officers in the Govt who still dont own a  mobile phone or a vehicle and look at the wonderful people standing at the borders sleepless (which is leading them to depression all for us) so that we can sleep well. No Not just India they are every where…..

They are all around us.. we refuse to look at them. Open your eyes (all of us) and look at how much gud is around us let not the droplets of black sheep engulkf us to think the world is gone to dogs this is kali yuga / a bad time reeling with no good.

News from India : of positive action, steely endeavour and quiet triumphs ~ news that is little known

Just visit this link

The oneman army is doing wonders says this featured column in Sify

Sridharan, is all passion for tracking down the unsung heroes of the Indian society. And they are all tucked away in inaccessible rural areas and Sridharan features them on his Web site

He is a one-man army, who edits, designs the site, meets the heroes of India, writes about them, takes pictures with his digital camera, and personally replies to all his fan mail.

“Media is full of negative stories, and if anything good gets done, it is tucked away somewhere. I felt I had to do something and Good News India is the outcome,” he says with undiminshed pride.

So, how did Sridharan get the idea of a Web site? “It was on my first journey to understand India that I stumbled upon this idea.” Till his real journey to understand India, Sridharan was a globe-trotting marine engineer savouring the best of various countries.

“I came back to India, after a stint as a marine engineer and was surprised at the prevalent cynicism, and the mute acceptance of how India was a very corrupt country and how India could never progress,” he said.

Heres some interesting info if you like to look at them. A recent Study (1991) by the home ministry says that there are on an average 2 crore people working for a cause unpaid though parttime. Thats a heavy 2% of the Indian Population. It might be the same elsewhere or more or less by a fraction but thats how humans are. We are social and helpful. Lets be that way not forgetting what we are.

Basic Facts on NGO

Total Number of NGO

1.2 million

Rural Based


Urban Based




(Source: Invisible, Yet Widespread: The Non-Profit Sector In India, December 2002, PRIA)


Category of staff

Percentage of NGOs

One or less paid staff


Between 2-5


Between 6-10


Above ten paid staff


(Source: Invisible, Yet Widespread: The Non-Profit Sector In India, December 2002, PRIA)

Funding Mechanism In India

·      All India estimates of total receipts of NPOs for 1999 – 2000 were Rs. 17922 crores (one crore equivalent to 10 million) 

Sources of Funding in India


Percentage of Total Fund (app.)

Local (peoples contribution and Corporate Contribution)






(Sources: Discussion with Chinese Delegate, 7th June 2005 at PRIA)

Types of Funding


Percentage of Total Fund (app.)

Self Generated








(Source: Invisible, Yet Widespread: The Non-Profit Sector In India, December 2002, PRIA)

Dominant activities in India

Type of Activities

Percentage of NGOs



Community/Social Service










(Source: Invisible, Yet Widespread: The Non-Profit Sector In India, December 2002, PRIA)




2 thoughts on “Am still not ready but u can visit this one

  1. Anonymous

    India is actually achieving some great things as of recent within the business world. They have taken over some american companies and they are making their presence known here in the states, I am actually very pleased to be viewing these accomplishments of India. 🙂

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