Its been  over some three and half years. I still remember the day so fresh in my heart recorded was jost woken out of my sleep by one of my fellow volunteers who returned after a long travel to Adilabad District. When I opened my eyes still lazily dosing sleepily, I heard HariKrishna my collegue say “look theres something here for you”.
When I opened my eyes there she was a cute girl an angel dressed in a red gown, I just spread my arms and she came running to me I just closed her in my arms.
My sleep was blown away and when I now had a pleasant feeling in my heart. Roja my darling. We played we jumped we sreamed and all this in a first meeting, we didnt know each other earlier. Now Roja is 11 years old and when she came to me on the day that I mentioned, she was helpless with her mother dead and her father following her.
It all happened when Roja’s father was diagonised with HIV and Roja’s mother in a fit of anger and desperation as well as insult poured Kerosine on herself and set herself ablaze. Looking at them the poor kid was helpless didnt know what was going on but only knew something was terribly wrong. After a few months of struggling to cope up with the fact that his lifestyle as a lorry driver and his irresponsible sex as well as unsafe and unloyal relationship with his wife cost him his dear wife’s life the poor man killed himseelf. Not knowing or infact not realising that they were leaving 2 kids literally on the streets.
Here she is Roja, and More or less with the same story came another small child from Kurnool Hsheema and then another one Meena and revathi all victims of AIDS no I would rather say a result of irresponsible unloyal sex partners which turned them orphans for no fault of these little kids. She still reels in my heart and mind whenever i close my eyes those little eyes were not to be forgotten for ever. I strongly wanted to post her Picture but wouldnt like to share it, dont know why ?!
Thanks NONA for Reminding me I just Forgot to mention the one important thing, No none of the children mentioned above have been luckily not infected by HIV / AIDS. Thank you.
The Red ribbon is a symbol for solidarity with HIV-positive people and those living with AIDS.


• Watch Bono’s message to you for World AIDS Day:

6 thoughts on “STOP AIDS, FIGHT IT OUT

  1. Anonymous

    the first link isn’t working. Did this little girl have aids too? This disease is so sad, and one is so naive to think this is only a “gay man’s” disease.

  2. Blogging for Charity

    I have lost friends to this disease and have others that live with it intimately. It ravishes both the body & spirit. It does not see color, religion or sexual orientation. Its sole desire is to kill and leave devastation in its wake.

    Each day I pray that we will find a way to end this, and all disease that kills with such vengeance. Until that time I raise my voice, pray for a cure and reach out to those in need.

    Thanks for highlighting the effects of this killer in such a poignant manner.

  3. sunny

    A very worthwhile post my dear friend! I recall back in the early 1980’s when we first began hearing about AID’S here in the USA, it was quite frightening. They began making announcements about using precautions. Gloves, Condoms, they even began handing out clean drug needles to users on the streets to try and prevent the spread of AIDS. They said that by the year 1994 everyone will have had someone in their family or known someone close that had died of AIDS. It was a true statement. That is exactly what has happened here in America. Although the spread has lessoned, we all still take universal precautions and advocate -World Wide to help those afflicted with AIDS.
    Thank goodness there is help now. They have come a long way since the 90’s.

    Thank you for your post.

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