The Indian version of “Oceans 11” n “Oceans 12”

I just have watched this new (Come on, u know its allready released and over a week. 24th Nov exactly) film. Dhoom 2, a sequell for the super hit Dhoom. Hrithik is at his best with all those heroics and super stunts a bit of graphics ofcourse. A well directed and nice Film. I liked it the way it was shot and the way it was portrayed. What if it is “inspired” by the Hollywood films? Though it doesnt come anywhere near the original “Oceans series” but in its own way good enough.

I was reading a feature on Indian films and their counterparts.  The feature was comparing both of them in terms of reality and practicality. But “come on who cares and who the hell pays to weep or feel bad after a film” will be the reaction common among most of us and it certainly is.  The Song and dance that’s the best thing about Indian Films. 

 I was reading infact watching it I suppose something about that in support, somebody said “Indians are Expressive a lot more and so are Indian films”.  If Iam not wrong that was what Sekhar Kapur was saying on the BBC’s Talking Movies.

See Somebody else is nodding already:

The cinema in India is an interactive event: people don’t sit silently through a film, they jeer and clap and yell and scream

Getting back to the Indian Films comparison with those of the Hollywood, the Feature says that here we have movies that suit a particular actor in a mould and doesnt necssarily suit the situation or realism. The feature Goes on to add that IF ever OSAMA was caught and the US govt is scared of handling him and facing the world So they have approached the Hollywood directors and scriptwriters for help as to how they would script a film like that. (Dont believe that its already happening here and elsewhere look at this ), and its not something strange it happens.

There seems to have been a churning of scripts on the theme. A lot of scripts have given a lot of ideas and what the CIA “presumed to have okayed” is, First shift Osama as soon as possible to Somalia and last at the Saudi and he would be asked to answer his deeds in which several Muslims were killed (Infact mostly and most of them) as a result of his deeds and Jihadi So called. Obviously he will have his own argument everybody has (Like for example he was claimed to have said that during one of such blasts 200 muslims were killed and he says the blast occured on friday afternoon and a true muslim must stay in a mosque and since they were out they were not Muslims at all).

At the end of the script is him being beheaded by the official saudi beheader in the public. One notable point in the script is there is no official US presence that is to prevent any notion of biasedness by  the International community. So what if that were made in India ?

 let’s see how KABUL EXPRESS due to be released Dec’15th.

PS: Not meant to hurt Indian ability but only a pointer that I have come across.

Here I am again last night seen another Film Guess wot ? CASINO ROYAL 007

Ofcourse didnt like the movie much 😦 but for a li’l bit of stunts and the EVA Green

(Did I get the name right if yes Hurray 🙂 ) and all that big build Daniel Craig (yeah)

Nothing much just fealt like the Original Bollywood flick, the jumps and chases

not as much as the Octopussy (u heard it right :P) played by Roger Moore.

Ofcourse nobody can beat us at that not even Bond, n we have many licenses to “KILL”

here in Bollywood, tollywood n XYZ wood.

Add to any service

2 thoughts on “The Indian version of “Oceans 11” n “Oceans 12”

  1. svelliyod

    WE should send our scriptwriters to the CIAs, M-5 and KGBs of the world… and our heroes to all the Olyumpics! Uh…other country teams will ALL return empty handed! Jai Bollywood!

  2. sunny

    This is a very interesting blog. However I am one of the few that never found even the US versions of the movies mentioned to my liking. LOL I do like the idea of a “Bollywood” even the name sounds better than “Hollywood” :o)

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