FACTS: Interesting Facts About Bangalore

Here are some interesting facts about Bangalore

1. Bangalore has the impeccable record of highest growth within a span of 20 Years


2. Bangalore has highest number of pubs in Asia .


3. Bangalore has highest number of ©igarette $mokers in India .


4. Bangalore has the highest number of software companies in India

Bangalore -212, followed by Hyderabad – 108, Pune – 97. Hence called the Silicon

Valley of India


5. Bangalore has 21 engineering colleges, which is highest in the world in a
given city. Bangalore University has 57 Engineering colleges affiliated to it,
which is highest in the world.


6. Bangalore is the only city in the world to have commercial and defense
Airport operating from the same strip.

7. Bangalore has highest number of public sectors and government Organizations
in India .

8. Bangalore university has highest number of students going abroad for higher
studies taking the first place from IIT-Kanpur.


9. Bangalore has only 48% of local population (i.e.Kannadigas) .Hence a true
cosmopolitan with around 25% Tamilians, 14% Telugites, 10% Keralites, 8%
Europeans, and 6% a mixture of all races.


10. Bangalore police has the reputation of being second best in India after
Delhi .


11. Bangalore has the highest density of traffic in India .


12. Bangalore has the highest number of 2-wheelers in the world.


13. Bangalore is considered the fashion capital of east comparable to Paris .

15. Bangalore has produced the maximum international sportsmen in India for
all sports ahead of even Mumbai & Delhi.

16. Bangalore has produced the maximum number of scientists considered for
Nobel Prize nominations.

17. Bangalore has produced the highest number of professionals in USA almost
60% of the Indian population abroad is from Bangalore (except Gulf). Image


18. Bangalore is famous for FOUR: Software Professionals, Girls, Drinkers and Dogs.Image


19. Bangalore is famous for its dog bites, an average of 12 people are bitten
by stray dogs per MINUTE somewhere in Bangalore !!Image 

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7 thoughts on “FACTS: Interesting Facts About Bangalore

  1. svelliyod

    And yet, Bangalore has somehow not kept pace with infrastructure development as is required for this frenetic pace of growth. Perhaps it also has the highest density of potholes per kilometre of asphalted road!

    Not that I dont admire the city! Some of my best moments and memories are also associated with bangalore…

  2. Anonymous

    Good God! 12 people bitten per minute?? My son was talking of the stray dogs in the area he passes to reach his place of residence. They once even chased him and his friend who were both on a mobike, while returning home late! Hmmm…

  3. i am at facebook

    OK. You roped and tied me with the fashion Capital of the east, comparable to Paris.

    (running thru the streets of Bangalore, credit cards in one hand, club in the other. WHAP! Get back you visvious cur! I’ve got SHOPPING to do!!!)

  4. Dandyboy


    I personally feel that most of the facts are untrue. I also have received the FWDed mail about Bangalore… I can vouch for the following :

    1. Chennai (Madras) has close to 80 engineering colleges. So 21 engg colleges in Bangalore cannot be the highest in the world.

    2. Anna University (Chennai, again) has exactly 227 engineering colleges affiliated to it. Hence, 57 engg colleges affiliated to Bangalore Uni cannot be the highest in the world.

    Since these two statements are so entirely false… I doubt the validity of certain of the remaining statements.

    Hope this helps!

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