Kabul Express: Bloody nooo Hillarious

The weekend was spilling on the floor without any productive output. Any programme that i have planned for failed and had to sit idle infront of the idiot box in anticipation of a wonderful miraculous programming that would enthuse an let some crazy juices flow.

It was the recent I mean a month or two older TATA SKY that I was watching at a friends home and it really happened the clarity and the facilities are mind boggling. Ok lets not go into the issues unrelated as is happens most of the time with me. I just stood up and walked into this very local theatre (I just hate watching a film like a couch potato without even letting an yell or a whistle atleast laughing loud when theres a joke :)), in a recent blog I have mentioned somebody quoting Indian cinema is a more participative phenomenon with the audience and I think I totally agree with it.

Now after a very bad failure of planning as usual I walked into the movie theatre and the inevitabl happened. A huge monsterous board yelled at me “Housefull”. As you know Iam not the kind of a guy that would give up so easily. I walked upto the watchman ad demanded tickets, he gave me a menancingly smiling but pitiful smile which said come on guy you seem to be an educated one and you even dont know what Houseful means ? I just had a twinkle of light that dawned some wisdom in me. Looked around, for some help sooner there were a couple of voices in the croud singing some song but giving away signals (only those in need shall catch them) of “pachees ka pachaas, balcony 60″….Soon another guy came thrashing the first one meaning “while I sell 70 u offer 60 how dare u …@#!$“. Grabbing the first opportunity I clutched his hand and snatched away a single ticket (poor me 60 Rs for a 35 Rs ticket)putting a 50 note and a 10 note in his pocket, the fellow gave another smile this time a thank you smile and disappeared.

I walked into the theatre expecting some real bloody scenes and a couple of cutting the throat scenes atleast blurred. I seemed to have an expertise in the guessing game when the film started with a commentary (I jus don know who it was some anglicised) of the state of Afghanistan and they just chipped in a couple of shots like beating up I mean whipping women and shooting at point blank as well as hanging till death in public might be just to portray the state of the situations then. But the journey from there on goes really good.

Theres an American a female Journalist that joins the two men (Arshad warsi and ofcourse John abraham Indian Journos on to meet the Talibs wanting to make it big away from covering “the stupid politicians” all the time) and it is her dialogues a couple of them that send us thinking upside down.

Especially on two occassions one when she was asked by the Indian duo amidst an argument over a cooldrink load weather it iscoke or pepsi she answers “I dont drink either I dont know”. The second was when she is asked by the macho John as to why she was here in Afghan “to sell more gory stories at what cost” she answers and I will not tell you you just have to watch it.

The exchange between the Talib and Arshad warsi (incidentally he is a camera person in the film) as well as Arshad warsi and the driver of the KABUL EXPRESS taht are rib tickling as well as some of the shots on the american journalist and arshad warsi. Last but not the least no woman is seen on screen except the American Journalist and in the last frame the daughter of the talib who removes her burqua. There are a group of Burquas from where the story takes a turn except that this is an all men actors film.


B4 I say oops its over heres something I attended on 17th Dec a lecture lemme know what You feel about Mr Francois Gautier and his views.

Its written by one Madhavi a blogger and member of Pragna Bharathi. Heres the Blog on Blogger so lemme know your views on the theme and views too.

Chronicles of Hindustan

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