A merry Merry Christmas lala la al al aaaa

Before I say Merryrrryryryyrry Christmas Here is a couple of Wowing Lines from 😛 me, Not exactly I just found them from Deccan Chronicle a city based newspaper …
So Just Enjoy the snow and Loads of Gifts from the santa (Read it from below about santa)

S anta Claus was a Turk, Nicholas, bishop of a Mediterranean city called Myra: he attended the first ecumenical council, summoned by the new convert, Emperor Constantine, in 325 AD at Nicea. One evening, he overheard an indigent crying over the fate of his three unmarried daughters. He did not have the money for their dowry and worried bitterly that they might have no option except to become prostitutes. The next evening Nicholas took three bags of gold coins threw them through the window into the merchant’s house and became immortal as the man who crept down the chimney to leave unexpected gifts for children. Purists who believe that this is legend don’t know what they are talking about. A story with the power to survive 1,700 years has to be true.

C hrist’s Mass, shortened to Christmas, the celebration of Jesus’ birth, got a firm date in 336 AD when the Church set up the holiday at least partly to find a Christian equivalent to the celebration of the Roman winter solstice.

T he earliest reference to the celebration of Christmas is in the Calendar of Filocalus, an illuminated manuscript compiled in Rome in 354 AD.

And in conclusion, in Turkey they call a turkey Hindi.

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One thought on “A merry Merry Christmas lala la al al aaaa

  1. Anonymous

    wow Veeru, I am sitting here ashamed that I do not know this story, we christians tend to not examine things before we follow them traditionally, what a pity huh? Thank you for sharing this story, it was VERY educational not unlike most of your blogs my friend 🙂

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