The news rooms are no more than self promotions and self interests

I have been following a few blogs for a while and have also added some to my blog roll. They are interesting and not only that have a fire that is rarely found in the mainstream news media. Thats one reason I rely more and more on the Blogs for my news apettite. Initially I was hell bent on Google and Googling was my fav thing on the net but as things started to reveal I had no other option but to search for options that are fair and the other side of the coins, THE ALTERNATIVES. It looked fair atleast going by my own experience of newsrooms and edit desks things were not what they seemed to be. Everything was burried under seekings and wantings and hell lot of business interests. Thats when I was stumped by or

Media Mamu
Bullshit Press
Press Talk
Content Sutra
The Hoot
Edit India
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