Real Estate & Fourth Estate

The Real estates and fourth estates the power cuts and the power struggles these are the most frequently heard words in the south India states of Andhra pradesh. While the basic problem that has been percieved to be is of the anarchic rule of the congress but something else to be read between the lines.

A lot of things that have been happening for the Chief minister of Andhra pradesh that ahve gone out of control for him to control. Right from the thunderous angry roar which erupted after a berated CM was outraged by the opposition role played by a media house THE EENDAU to the boomeranged assigned land scam that was aimed at the Media Moghul Ramoji rao everything was out of control. Now if I am talking too many things at the same time I am no culprit for your confusion tahts exactly the situation of the CM.


It all started with the EENADU waging war an all out war on the CM paired by other Newspaper ANDHRA JYOTHY started blowing out scam after scam and the CM maintained pretty patience. But it was the all out war that EENADU announced that left a bad taste for the CM. After a carefully planned out strategy & POA that was scripted by the top Congress leaders of the state, the irregularities in one of the Units of the EENADU / USHODAYA group MARGADARSHI was blown out. The Paper losses that were announced to the RBI were made public and all hell broke out. The CM’s camp offensive went all out broke ‘scam after scam’ saying Margadarshi which was also to be put on line for misusing the HUF (Hindu undivided family) tag and collected 1000’s of crores from the depositors. But the Media moghul survived a hyped up battle. The RBI was tied up between the Congress high command and the YSR command.


Priya pickles which were rejected for containing traces of the Pescticide residues was brought to the core. Nothing changed except for a little bit of loss of face (thats huge counting on the media impact) for the ramojirao.

Now thats not over as yet.

Look at the other side of the story, YSR has been opening front after front when you cant win a war open as many fronts as possible that the enemey is frustrated. But look at the opposition camp they are huge and neednt bother of anything like this, they have loads of ppl. ANd the Ramoji publicity machine is working beyong all limits and making day n nights one. LEts see who wins.

OR is it theres no win no loss.

One thought on “Real Estate & Fourth Estate

  1. sunny

    Oh my, all this reminds me of what goes on here in the USA. It’s no different veeru, the packaging is just different. But the greed is the same. It’s the same error. There is a man here on 360, PROTOTYPE, I think that’s his name. I read his blog a lot. He is from the UK. The reason I like to read his blog is because here in the US we don’t always get the truth about what is going on in the world anymore. We used to, but not anymore. Anyway, I won’t even go there that’s another subject all together. Good blog post. Very informative. You do good work! -Sunny

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