Its a post a day I thought, as that is to be that way as my resolution for the new year 2007 and here Iam obliging my second resolution to break all my Resolutions null and void.

So Whats this bloody headline Pay Per Post.


According to the Microsoft corporation along with the AMD is BRIBING (thats what they say) the bloggers who write something (preferably good) about a product or service. But the case of Microsoft is that if you happen to blog on pay per post Microsoft would send selected bloggers a Ferrari laptop pre-loaded with Windows Vista. New York Times Journalism Code of Ethics says some thing else . But at all bloggers shud promote something, or is it just another freedom of expression or violation ?

Is that bribe ? I dont know u decide better vote here.


  1. Anonymous

    I am so anti-microsoft, i can’t stand their products and you know they are guilty of things when the goverment get’s involved. I always try to find alternative products to microsoft.

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