Charity climbs up

After the Mill and Melinda foundation of Gates, the clintons had their own foundation then came the George Soros and Warren Buffet who announced huge charitable donations. Seems like charity is in the air this season (Season spreading over years). Not being left beind are the wonderful persons that are among us in India Satyam software company’s Byrraju Foundation, Dr reddy’s foundation, the Azim Premzi foundation of Wipro, the Infosys Foundation and also a whole lot of others not to mention the TATA’s that stood for Corporate social responsibility right from the inception as well as illustrated a lot of firsts for the rest to emmulate and ofcourse the Birla’s charitable work is worth a mention here.

Billionaire Warren Buffet Bombs at Poker Table

So what I was trying to say was the Oprah winfrey’s School for the leadership training which is another applause worthy effort by the TV Host who stood different.

“I wanted to give this opportunity to girls who had a light so bright that not even poverty could dim that light,” Winfrey said at a news conference.

Winfrey has said that she decided to build her own school because she wanted to feel closer to the people she was trying to help.

The $40 million academy aims to give 152 girls from deprived backgrounds a quality education in a country where schools are struggling to overcome the legacy of apartheid.

By educating girls, Winfrey said she hoped she could help “change the face of a nation.”

So I was thrilled to watch the Video a promo on (embedded in reggular news) CNN last night it was almost midnight, when they showed the pathetic condition of families living in ghettos and even worst is the sanitation conditions. I have been to a lot of slums and its not that there are any lesser no.of slums (both in quality and quantity i know thats a wrong usage but I will) in and around the places we live in India.

Class Colour to a Psychopaths’ horrific action

Especially after the NDTV debate on the ongoing Worst serial killings of a Psychopath the worst ever. The NDTV tried to give it a class color (I dont know if I agree with Barkha dutt the anchor). But the way she presented was amazingly touching. Walking into slums where things haven’t changed for a while and talking to them was heart warming especially at this point of time when the slum dwellers needed somebody to stand by them is worth appreciating.Noida killings: Centre orders probeSanket Upadhyay, Rahul Shrivastva

And the fact that many of them did not have a vote and that was the reason they weren’t taken seriously by the politicians and since they didnt count there they mattered neither to the police or the administration. All of them are said to be migrant daily wage labourers from West bengal, Punjab and UP.


Little kids being slit their throats and cut in to pieces after physically molesting and raping them that too by a well educated high society (that was how the culprit was introduced by most of the media) guy. He was educated in the ebst of the educational institutions (Bishop cotton and St Stephens) says a lot about our educational system which lacks moral values the basic roots that cultivate human character and attitude.

4 thoughts on “Charity climbs up

  1. sunny

    Indeed, killing, torture and the overall lack of respect and care for a human being is sometimes less than animal in nature. It is barbaric and just pure evil. There are animal species that care and nurture and have a natural respect within their own species and they don’t even have the intelligence that it’s said a human being has. i.e. The wolf. Which is monogamous, has only one life partner, and although it eats raw flesh, will not eat it’s own species. That is just an example.
    Most serial killers have never known love or had and type of proper nurturing. Or perhaps are suffering from a type of mental dysfunction which renders insane and unfeeling. This type of mental state can be caused by a chemical imbalance. Whichever the case maybe, these people do pose a threat to society and must be dealt with.

    From your article I derive that you think Oprah ‘s school will only serve to educate the poor and immoral and perhaps make way for educated tyrants? I’m not sure I understand the connotation here between Oprah’s article and “MORAL CHARACTERS of EDUCATION”?

    One thing I do know is that Oprah hopes to educate these girls so they can in turn be a benefit to their own community and help uplift it and educate more. She has put her money where it would do the most good. There is an old saying that I love; “ you can give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or you can teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime”. This is what she is doing. I commend her for that. She wouldn’t even consider helping here in the United States because she said that the children here were not needy, they were greedy. Which was true! LOL bit spoiled if you ask me. They remarked to her that they wanted new “Sneakers, and Ipods” instead of an education. Can you Imagine, here someone is trying to hand you the world on a silver platter and you say, “I want an ipod” ? LOL

    Thanks for your post my friend. –Sunny/Frau

  2. Anonymous

    I think what Opray Winfrey did was a good thing, but I would also like to see her do this within her own country as well, in reference to serial killers, I feel they are products of their environment, I do not feel that they are just born serial killers, where I do know there are some disturbed people out there within our world, I also believe that if the environment in which they grow up in is calm and gentle and loving, they can change things, sad to say, this does not happen. 😦

  3. Afsheen Ahmed.

    Its very impressive information,about how to do as a best change for human world through human being,through to chose the progressive knowledge as a mother love,for best passionable nature,surround & socio economic culture,its the best way to reduce the negative hate through proud ful dignity,Good luck to oprah & veeru both.

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