A heavy meal

This happens to b my first moblog. The weekend has been a slog of a hell except for an awesome 3 square meal.
1. I was in my friends home dining with them, a complete Indian homely chicken curry. Gravy filled affectionate served n fed with a touch of tv watching experience thats not possible elsewhere.
2. The afternon lunch was again a friendly chat in a local hyderabadi restaurant. This one has no frills attached. just some hillarious hu”manly” jokes along with some potato chips a juice and hydrabadi biryani.
3. The most ineresing of the day is the lone solitude dinner at gokul biryani hut a restaurant in kachiguda, bar attached but no drinking ! Remember was drinking on debts for world peace this new year. So walked in to Gokul was a csy restaurnt small but enoughly spacious, took up the mennu card oordered some snack (I love the fish ) They call it the apollo ginger grilled fish, whatever that may mean, I liked the taste of it. A Thums up even if I hate brands I love 2 have a Thumsup (cold beverage) along. Was looking around with my sonyericsson p910i and here were a group of friends enjoying their dinner just besides my table, I was observing them for a half an hour suddenly one of them started emptying pepper into the others’ glass n i was watching them. He noticed me n smiled with mischief of a friend, but what he didn’t notice was his glass which already had a teaspoon full of pepper. When both of them finished n picked up their glasses to sip they were chillied n started shouting with peppery effect. I joined them n we had a wonderful laugh, in the meanwhile my prawn fried rice a oops of a dish came to my table which i ordered a couple of minutes earlier for which i repent and swear not to again in the restaurant atleast gave me a wild shock with effect of which i forgot to tip the waiter.

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