My second moblogging

Its my second moblog n I am away on an assignment 125kms from Hyderabad, the place Mahaboobnagar. Notorious for no fault of it but still bearing a tag for worst child labour population i mean most, n migration figures going up as high as 7 mn in a season oops.
Ok lemme get out of this n give u wot this blog is all about, my dinner an awesome veg manchuria, an Indian dish made with califlower i suppose that too after a whole days starving wait along with friend.
The story goes this way, oflate the real estate has been shooting up in most parts of the country, so Hyd’d is no exception n this has lead to a huge socio economic aspects of the society. This friend of mine has some 42 acres of agri land which now is prime property after the govt decided to setup an international airport very near to the place, n u can ofcourse imagine the lands monetary value. Now problem is with the land grabbers who wanna earn money quick, n d corrupt govt officialdom who just want their share. Thats what we r here for.
Before I forget the yummy taste of my manchuria, good night n sweet dreams.

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