Life goes on with another5 dish on moblog

After a couple of my moblogs I feel iam being read more for my personal n travel as well as cusines related content rather than my social themes n issues. Never mind I have just a couple of blogs more this way, n more as I c it n feel it be it politics, films, folklore or any other. I have to carry on n life has to go peppered, salted, sweetened n soured at times with a combination of flavours.
Had another grilling dayy where i had to face a couple of drunkards in the viklages i have visited. It is an experience to deal wit drunkards (over consumed). They have a hillarious at times irritating attitude that somehow interests me. After the days adventures which included a cross country 400 km biking on a royal enfield in chilling 11 degrees cold at 80 kmph at about 3 o clock relieved we started back home. Half way bck it felt like squezing in d stomach n we stopped for a brief lunch break. The reliance A1 is a chain of highway restaurants n we stopped there for some rotis n palak paneer as well as mix vegetable curry. That was an awesome lunch delayed ofcourse, without a breakfast. It wa interesting to note that 20 youngsters all from Orissa Puri (remember the holy rath yatra fest) were picked n trained by reliance n most of them that work here are Oriya.

Ofcourse we had to sit for a brief drink n accompany some friends for a small party.1

2 thoughts on “Life goes on with another5 dish on moblog

  1. Lovleen

    lolzzz… even i have noticed that short and sweet blogs about light topics are read more than blogs on social themes and issues. but please don’t let this deter you from writing whatever you want to…. blogging is not just about more response, its somewhat related to self satisfaction…
    lolzzz I’ll vote as much for your traveling moblogs as for the weel thought issue related ones 🙂
    ok back to the topic on hand… drunkards in village… now i am curious to know what are you actually upto… doing soo much exciting stuff!!!

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