In the chenchu heartland


Am now in the Chenchu heartland Srisailam in the Nallamlla forests of Kurnool dist. The Chenchus are some of the earliest inheritors of the land. In the picture from my Sonyericsson p910i is the marketplace where the chenchus sell herbal medicines and pure fresh honey.

From my computer in Hyderabad

Chenchus are one of those several tribal groups that are designated Primitive Tribals by the govt of India. The Chenchus are the indegenous people living in Nallamalla forest in Kurnool District. With a dwindling population and malnutrition as well as TB haunting them the group which are original custodians of the lord Shiva’s temple may be an extinct tribe in no time.

Ofcourse there are people working for them so dont worry but we need more people to do the job.

UPDATED Later from my Mobile

I was looking at Sankaran, Baie, Ravi, Lahari, Booski (is that a repitition we call it redundancy anyways..), Nona, PAvan, The sweetest Thing, passions warrior all of you a very huge Thank you. Not that u visited my blog but showing concern for a subject tat remotely interesting thats what my friends call me coz who cares for a Folk culture thats dying and who cares for a culture that has stories from no where. But you know I do ! Frankly many of us do otherwise can u imagine so many festivals going on on and on.

Sometimes a Festival on short stories, Nostalgia, legends, erotica, sensious ones, and what not ?

So heres the thing…. I shall write the blog compplete with Chenchus their culture and their wonderful lives…. Tommorrow or if I reach my computer accessible, even tonight will do untill then byeeeee

10 thoughts on “In the chenchu heartland

  1. svelliyod

    Please tell us more about you / your group do with/for them… and something more about this tribe – who are they, (besides being early natives/ true sons of soil), how do they live, what are their native expertise, what kind of medicines are they selling, any attemts at commericlaisinf these…
    Too many Qs? lol

  2. lahari

    I wanted to ask u from a long time.Yr blogs are like those of a jouranalist blogs.What work do you do.Why have you gone there.Is tht witha purpose??

  3. Holly

    A sad state for indiginous people of India. What groups are aiding them, if any ? Your efforts to educate and help are a beautiful thing. I too, would like to know more. Saving this tribe seems a very important task. Love the tonsured head, peace be with you. Love and Hope, Holly

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