The Voyage into the past

Yeah truly lovely friends,
I was away for one of my strangest wierdest adventures trekking and travelling in Madhya Pradesh. Ujjain as it is called is the western part of MP and is known as the Maha Kaal ki nagari. (Meaning The holy city of the Lord Maha Shiv the lord of distruction that forms part of the holy trinity).

Th place is a wonderful town a temple town ofcourse. We were there on an interesting topic. One of my friends was interested in finding out and exploring the scientific and technological knowledge hidden in the Vedas. And there we were on a week long voyage in to manuscripts and the trying to trace out some of the rarest manuscripts untouched for atleast 1500 years lying in the Scindia Oriental research center and library(SORCL). Its thrilling wiered and wonderful all at the same time to be there at SORCL.

5 thoughts on “The Voyage into the past

  1. Mithuna

    Wow! now that is a job I would love to do, get into an old library and browse through books finding info.. oh I will need to learn sanskrit. :).. Hope you have been well.

  2. Pavan

    Veeru…I think you are now touching my right nerves. Would love to know more about the research. Me n my friend always discuss about the relation between vedas n science. Please please please, forward me any material you have.

    Have been searching internet for very long for the interpretation of vedas…Very difficult to find good and appropriate ones.

  3. svelliyod

    Ah! Ujjain! The famous Mahakala Kshetra, the land of the great Vikramaditya’s adventures with Bhatti and Vetala, the store house of Ancient Indian wealth…
    So you’ve been hunting there? Curious to know of your discoveries.

  4. ॐ nina infinite ॐ

    Smiles…how very exciting! After reading your post, I set off on a search trying to understand just what you have been doing ( I am one of those largely ignorant of India).

    I read a lot and arrived where I began: How can religion and science NOT agree?…winks.. Westerners have a particularly difficult time with this concept…it seems to me. BUT, the times they ARE a’changing! String theory, new physics at last speak a language that harmonizes with that of ancient religious texts. Linear thought has at last met itself coming and going!

    “Take a quantum leap outside you mind…”~ Taj Mahal

    (Ok, so I butchered Taj Mahal’s song lyrics! Actual lyrics by Carole King? > “Take a giant step outside your mind…” from ‘Giant Step’ album, 1969; lol @ me )

    I, too, am eager to hear specifics of your treasure hunt… Namaste’

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