Large-Billed Reed Warbler lost and found

Large-Billed Reed Warbler is a rare bird that has been found only after some 140 years. It was declared lost in India found alive and living in Thailand last march. It now is the latest craze and excitement for the Ornithologists around the world. Found in Sutlej valley Himachal Pradesh last spotted in 1867.

birdwatchers in Kolkata, who say they saw it feeding amidst the tall bamboos of Narendrapur, a town 10 kms from the West Bengal capital. The wetland bird, a litte smaller than a house sparrow, has a longer beak than the sparrow, has an olive-brown back with a whitish underside, and “is drab in appearance”.

Large-billed reed warbler

A “lost” large-billed reed warbler discovered in Thailand. Photograph: Philip Round/The Wetland Trust

4 thoughts on “Large-Billed Reed Warbler lost and found

  1. Brickerbrack

    This is great news to hear. It seems lately all I hear is news of all the vanishing species and news of the endangered birds and animals throughout the world. It makes me wonder what we will leave if we keep destroying the earth and it’s resources as we are doing. Here in the United States there has been some pretty radical climate changes this year. When I arrived in Texas, April 07, 2007 it was snowing. It is usually 80* this time of year and there are blue birds, cardinals and humming birds throughout the woods. These climate changes if they continue can eventually cause changes in how their species survive too if this type of weather continues. They say it is due to global warming. Anyway, your news is exceptionally good. Thank you!

  2. alfred

    i always enjoy your blogs, because i learn a lot about your country. i’ll go there as soon as i got time.
    did you know that a type of colibris are the smallest birds on earth. the male is a little smaller than the female. take care!

  3. Pavan

    Veeru, sure??? coz, looks like I’ve seen this bird…hehehe, may b in my dreams…lol,
    Interesting fact, btw. May b one day, all the races, will have to go thru the same fate n become extinct..

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