The old man at the traffic signals

I was in town after a long 15 day trip arund Andhra Pradesh chronicling and visually documenting the Social organisations. My earlier post was a mobile blog and I have done that from Jagityal karimnagar district of Andhra Pradesh. The story is of a small boy poor inncoent and still persistant in to becomming something useful.

I was traveling on a bike with one of my friends, I was at chadarghat and the signa turned red. A hand came from my side and was asking for alms (U all might have seen this so did I), I didnt take that seriously and was talking some stuff about movies. The hand didnt talk waited for a while and moved it was after a minute or so that I saw the human figure to whom the hand belonged and I dont kno what happened next a pinch in my stomach strong and powerful a sensation of a slap were what i remember. I got down wlked to the old man that he was and remember giving him something I dont know what the denomination of currency I gave but I think it shud atlest rest the poor man in peace for a while.

I am one of those stupids thta hate giving alms in general and to children and abe bodied artificial beggers. You might not like the wording of it but thats what I feel. Today something happened that was really strange, no Iam not talkin about weather the old man was able or differently abled but one thing is for sure he was one of those who have come from a comfortably well off rural area. I wlaked away and was waiting for the signal to turn otherwise so that the old man would come back and wait untill it turned red again.

After a while the old man was with me I talked to him asking his name and other details. I will not reveal his name but will bring to the notice his story. The story of poor peasants being driven out of their houses (remember Nandigram, there are many around us). The poor old man that Iam itying now once fed some 5 people everyday beggars, brahmins and needy. But not until the Govt announced the ring roads and pilanis and Greater Hyderabads. He is now one of those who is dead psychologically just his biological body is alive to feed 3 more family members back home (a small taurpauline hut if u can call it that way).

So are we developing / …….. I dont know !

2 thoughts on “The old man at the traffic signals

  1. Beau-belle

    Veeru….I understand that u have written the blog above with lotta emotions…but your question at the end of the blog…make ppl think…how many in this world do u think they will care a damn about it….materialistic world has lost lot of truthful souls…thanks for sharing such a touchy incident…take care

  2. Pavan

    Your blog actually touched many aspects Veeru. Firstly, I am completely with you regarding beggars. Hate giving alms to anyone who is well off. And secondly, there are a few who have been misplaced n deserted by the development, but at the same time, there a few who have become millionaires just because of the same reason. We just can’t say, it happens, but something has to happen so that there’s an equilibrium. This world is full of opportunism n opportunists Veeru. I think, one can only survive if he grabs the opportunity.

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