The fight goes on

I am thrilled to find that what people knicked the BRIC and the developing and the underdeveloped have atlast belled the cat, or is it that they have come really close to belling it. The so called developed world wants to after taking their toll on the mother nature escape the penal action (oh come on thats day dreaming and wishful thinking) or shall we call it shy away from the responsibility of polluting the nature beyond repair (I doubt this, but just to tell about the intensity of the problem !) push the pollution costs on to the so called developing countries. And Iam confused of what the real development is ?! Is it moving away from sentiments and becomming so called professional ? Or is it bulldozing the poor huts to make a multi millionaire choking cigar ? or is it undermining somebody’s rights ?

No come on gimme a break ?

“What’s happening in the United States is important because it is still the largest emitter” of greenhouse gas, said Hans Verolme, director of WWF’s global climate change program.

“The United States should take on economy-wise carbon reduction targets,” Verolme said.

The US, the world’s biggest economy, consumes around a quarter of global energy and causes nearly 30 percent of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.

US President George W. Bush has incurred the wrath of environmentalists by abandoning the 1995 Kyoto Protocol, which aims to reduce the emission of climate change-causing carbon dioxide, saying it would hurt the US economy.

Verolme argued not only the US but other top industrialised nations, notably the Group of Eight (G8) countries, should act to find common ground against climate change.

“I think the G8 should show some leadership. They are collectively the world’s largest economy, and they should collectively take action,” he said, adding climate change was among key topics at next month’s G8 summit in Germany.

But Verolme argued a lack of political will from global leaders continued to hamper progress on tackling climate change.

Now atlast the BRIC has rised its voice to show the reality the truth and wants the So called developed world pay for the deeds. Will it ? Who knows lets wait and see…..

“Brazil, India and China are trying to put on the shoulders of industrialised nations the historic responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions, in order to clear their own emissions (of blame) and to protect themselves in any discussion.”

At least 400 scientists and experts from about 120 countries are attending the week-long third session of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the UN’s leading authority on global warming.

Their report, expected to be released at the end of their meeting on Friday, aims to lay out ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent a climate catastrophe without seriously hurting the global economy.

2 thoughts on “The fight goes on

  1. The Developed Countires try thier best to pooh-pooh the green house emission and globl warming issues. One the Clean Development Mechanism is in place, they’ll have to pay a huge cost for their ‘deeds’ which they will try to avoid at all costs. If you remember, the KYOTO Protocol was also objected to by these same countries. But I do believe that it is amtter of time before these are pushed through…

  2. I never understand a point where the developed countries just ignore their responsibility and keep pointing fingers at the developing countries for the pollution. US is the highest and vast source of pollution in this world. And still rejected the kyoto protocol set by EU. Gave a blind eye to the current terrorist, called pollution. And again feels responsibility of the whole world politically. huh

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