The 108 An SOS and a savior

During my documentary trips I was literally on road for 15 days and roads as in the highways the connecting ones the bipasses and the internal ones and so on….. There have been several instances of accidents, drunken drivings, mishaps, and so on… some pathetic some narrow escapes, some others were warnings as the victims saw them… I was impressed by this one service of the Satyam foundation.. the emergency services network 108. You can dial 108 from any phone whatever be the service provider wherever and the ring goes to nearest police, fireservices and the centralised emergency services network all at the same time.

I was traveling from hyderabad to Mahaboobnagar, we were in great hurry as the documentary film shooting was already behind schedule. After we reached thimmapur on the outskirts we found a crowd and its no guess that there was an accident as usual on NH7. No great guesses, one of my crew members screamed dont stop Iam afraid of blood and it drives me nuts for days. We all sat silent as if mourning then somebody’s mobile rang and it suddenly stuck on me thati had something missed to do in the emergency. Picked up my phone and dialed the 108 and that was my 3rd call in a week. A sweet voice answered thank you for calling 108 please passon the info as quickly and briefly possible. I just read out whatever i have seen a 35 year old woman in a 7 seater auto was knocked down at thimmapur and loosing blood, head injury still alive. After 15 seconds the voice instructed thanked and consoled all at the same time. Sir 108 can attend calls in the radius of 20 kms and thimmapur is 37, we have already alerted the nearest ambulance service of the private hospital they are on their way, keep your cool and she will surely live, your efforts are worth a thank you.
Now the crucial help lifesaving and divine happens here, the ESN coordinates the ambulance & medicalaid services and 108 mobile dispensary cum ambulance reaches the place in sharp 5-7 minutes on the spot saving 270 accident victims every month just in and around twin cities.

One thought on “The 108 An SOS and a savior

  1. Pavan

    Wowwwwwwwwww!!!! That’s amazing. India rising,…am proud of hyd. veeru. Thanks for the info, and I really admire ur works dude!!! Way to go…

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