A folk hero forgotten and disbanded by us

I have always had this great appreciation for Folk heroes, especially the ones who had the guts to face the suppressors, the cruel, imperialistic and fuedal. Today morning when I was reading one of the newspapers (vernacular Telugu) a piece stuck me and I thought I should atleast remember the great hero bring a moment of past in to my memories. And the most amazing of all the facts was that the revolutionary heroe was just 27 years when he fell. May 7th to 13th is the dates taht usually are associated with the legends death, but this year not even one politician has had the time to garland or atleast recollect / do they remember to recollect.

The Hero Alluri Sitaramaraju a fierce fighter that sent shock waves and shivers down the spines of the British Imperialists who exploited the poor innocent and ignorant good natured tribals. Looking at the folk tales of the hero is amazing coz even the date of death or to that matter his death is contradictory to most historians.

One of the few early revolutionaries A rebellion broke out in the agency areas of the Northern Circars under the leadership of Alluri Sitaramaraju (1897–1923). He was a simple and unostentatious young man given to studies of spiritual importance. He was keen on the welfare of the lowly and the innocent. He contributed his mite in the days of the non-co-operation movement and later settled down among the hill tribes of the Visakhapatnam district, spending his time in spiritual practices. The misdeeds of a British contractor, who took pleasure in under-paying the workers drawn from the hill tribes, brought him into a tussle with the police who supported the contractor. This led to encounters between the police and Sitaramaraju, who was supported by the hill tribes under the leadership of the Gamu brothers. Sitaramaraju raided many police stations and carried off guns and powder. The alien Government then made use of all its resources to quell the rebellion. A company of the Assam rifles under the leadership of Saunders was sent there. The campaign lasted nearly for one year from December 1922 and, in the end, many of the followers of Raju, especially the Gamu brothers, were overpowered in an encounter. The rebellion petered off by October 1923. Raju surrendered himself, so it was said, and was shot dead without any trial.

The hero who fought against the Madras forest act fell and that was not out of desperation or lack of public support but for the simple reason that the british imperialist armies started molesting harassing and torturing the peasants and tribals. His grave (believed to be) are shown here on Wikimapia.

He fought for the rights of these tribal people(koyas). Raju’s ragged irregulars bogged down the British in a full-scale guerrilla war. Unable to cope, the British brought in the Malabar Special Force to crush the revolt. They were trained in jungle warfare and equipped with pack wireless sets. The rebellion ended in 1924 with Raju’s death. Yet for the British, as historian M.Venkatarangaiya wrote, “it caused much more of a headache than the non-cooperation movement.” He was brought to Koyyuru(by a conspiracy) and British Police officer Major Gudal fired at him.

Is it May 7th or is it May 13th no no its impossible to kill the SeetaRamaraju, the people of Andhra and Rampachodavaram area in particular feel their hero or the saint will never fall, not atleast the britishers can beat him.

5 thoughts on “A folk hero forgotten and disbanded by us

  1. Wow Veeru that was really awesome to read about this Young freedom Fighter , He is one those many who have been put behind the Limelight just to cover a few unworthy people, In their shadow, the Congress has not let any body be given due respect, anybody due credit for all their sacrifices.
    The overwhekming Imposure of The Nehru Family, Gandhik=jis has ;left other’s Like Worthless gems.
    Gems who really made a difference
    Im going to find more about him

  2. It seems that all we imperialists can ever do successfully is create heroes wherever we invade. I had never heard of Alluri Sitaramaraju before. Thanks!

  3. Very sad to hear noone remembered the great personality. It has always been movies that highlighted this hero afterall…Thanks for the blog veeru.

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