The movie sunday

This sunday is a blast by all means. Shiva kumar a brave friend of mine never short of adventures planned a holiday. A holiday with his maharashtrian relattives. we were to go visit the peddamma temple in the morning and from there to the birla temple and planetorium then the lumbini park, a boat ride to budhas statue then watch a film TARARUMPUM in imax and then back home.

Well, the movie isn’t bad at all.
All went well with the devilish angels 3 kids who gave hell of a time by running around and makingg us do so inthe theatre. It was a nice time n a nice movie. But everything went haywire when another friend of mine wanted me to watch Bheja fry with him. Heres what one of my blog friends thinks of the movie. Thats one wiered hillarious movie, Santosh and sharath who also were with me were like rolling on the floor. After a long time sarika kamals only wedded wife (!) was on screen. Here is the review of the movie and the story.

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