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It shocked me and I was amazed that the nearly 37 crore is the statistic of the unorganised work force in India and the organised sector just above 16 lakh isn’t it shocking and amazing. The numbers mentioned above shall be deprived of any PF, Insurance and other formal benefits extended by the Govt / non Govt entity workforce. I know its shocking and depressing to see so many fellow Indians suffering it hurts anyone that comes about the fact.

an NSSO survey reveals that of the total workforce in the country, nearly 82% and 72% were engaged in the informal sector in rural and urban areas, respectively, in 2004-05. (Times of India)

93% of India’s 370mn strong economically active workforce

  1. 60% of Net Domestic Product
  2. 68% of income
  3. 60% of savings
  4. 31% of agricultural exports
  5. 60 per cent to the GDP,
  6. 41% of manufactured exports

While reading about them I have come across an interesting blog and heres it.

So who are they?

Of course, the “rural poor” are part of this category. But even if one lives in an Indian city/town – big or small – and moves out of the neat and clean commercial and residential area (only from which one would be able to access this blog/mail)… and one decides to notice

– On the sidewalks which are occupied by vendors and hawkers of vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, snack-foods and a myriad of non-perishable items ranging from locks and keys, soaps and detergents, clothing, vessels to books…

…well, they are actually all around us!!! (Alternative Perspective)

report by TeamLease Services Pvt Ltd released recently, the quality of labour force in 2020 is not encouraging—only 88 million people will be graduates. It also says that out of India’s 402 million workforce, only about seven per cent ended up working in the organised sector.(Tribune India)

According to the report, India is the only country in the world, which is growing younger. Its working population in the age group of 20-59 years is 567 million in 2006, it says.

And after all that, I just thought of buying and supporting goods from small scale industries and goods made through UNORGANISED SECTOR, after all from what I learnt 41 % of income in foreign currency comes from the small scale. So Come on fellow people lets start supporting unbranded, local and community cottage industries. Buy local goods. There would always be exceptions and in a globalised world there would be many but still persist and improve the employment oppurtunities of your fellow countryment and women. Dont we need each other ? Support each other for a community that can sustain ….

Just to Ponder .. Do you Know ?

  • estimated that no less than two-thirds of Delhi’s population of 12 million depends on hawking and cycle rickshaws.
  • of the 400 million workers in the country, only 50-60 million, i.e. 12-15%, are covered by some form of social security.
  • estimated that four-fifths of the cycle rickshaw drivers and hawkers are unlicensed, but they pay the petty bureaucracy a whopping 480 crore per year in bribes.
  • THEY contribute nearly 45 per cent of the national income
  • They toil for more than eight hours a day, without the luxury of weekend holidays.
  • Anonymous contributors to the national income, they form the other India at work, invisible to the glitzy, high-tech environs of the India on the move.
  • they are also called the “ultimate entrepreneurs”, by none other than the International Labour Organisation (ILO), for their ability to sustain livelihoods with very little capital.
  • manufacture more than 7,500 products ranging from metalware to precision industrial fasteners, exotic glassware, carpets and ethnic garments, have no legislative protection, not even the guarantee of a minimum wage.
  • Only 4 per cent are covered by the Employees State Insurance Scheme.

SOURCE : THe Other India at Work (ILO REPORT)

2 thoughts on “unorganised sector

  1. Shruti Malik

    The unorganised sector in India occupy a large share..
    And thanks for sharing this amazing facts..
    Take care..

  2. ॐ nina infinite ॐ

    I am passionate about the plight of human beings everywhere who must struggle simply for a drink of safe , clean water, or a daily bite of food. The suffering of the mass of humanity is incredible, and makes one feel blessed for what little one does have and take for granted.

    We forget that our fulfillment is not in material goods, and we are not stewards of the land or the people and their renewable energy and produce. All of us, no matter what nation, must return a portion to the land. We must grow things, and buy from local growers, producers. It is the only way that we can save the planet, and so the human race, and at least our own souls.

    hugs, love your blog! nina

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