The Rural Heroes

PICTURE Courtesy: Times of India

Bravo: IPS probationer and this year’s Civil Services topper Revu Muthyala Raju with his father Narasimha Murthy (left) and mother Chintamani (right) along with other family members at chief minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy’s camp office where the CM met the selected candidates on Wednesday

I am from a coastal village, which lacks basic facilities like transport, education and health services. There are some more villages in our country like our village. I wanted to be a part in developing these villages as an IAS officer,” he had said in his coaching admission form.

There were some 200,000 applicants who appeared for the examination and only 474 finally qualified – a selection rate of a mere 0.237 percent. Of the selected candidates 373 are males and 101 females.

The list of the successful candidates includes 214 general category aspirants, 144 from OBC, 80 scheduled castes candidates and 36 from the scheduled tribes.(India Edu News)

This is Muthyala Rao son of a small time farmer from a rural village with his ambition to change and transform lives has now scored the first rank in UPPSC Civil services examinations. What is inspiring and admirable is not the rank but the circumstances that he fought fought against all odds from a humble fisherman family to the IAS……… Look at his mother She had tears on TV that tears that only come when u achieve something or the closest of urs achieve…..

5 thoughts on “The Rural Heroes

  1. Holly

    A proud moment for any mother and son. I say bravo too !
    Thgis is the heartwarming that I needed today my friend, so I am grateful for some good and positive news coming from India. Peace and Blessings, Holly

  2. Anonymous

    I am very proud of this man. Have you ever noticed veru that the most sucessful people most of the time are the ones who had to overcome tremendous odds? I feel that those that have to really work for their sucess are the ones who TRULY appreciate their sucess, hence making them great at their jobs. I enjoyed reading about his, it’s always great to see a sucess story result out of hardwork, this man is very inspirational!!!! Thank you for sharing this great example with us. 🙂

  3. Pavan

    Hats off to Muthyala Raju. His parents must be really proud of him. Hoping now that this guy will acheive what he said in this application form.

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