Editing my docu

It is a strange experience when you want toedit your docu footage when you actually shot it without script. I did just that, an impulsive unplanned (I call it natural) shoot and then a wonderful script tht inspires for the voice over and the editshoot people are scratching their heads.

The studio n camera people are up in arms for *betraying them. They feel if with such a script in hand they would have made a NGC, DISCOVERY kind of docu footage. Iam running for cover, putting a brave face as if I was right. (ofcourse veeru is always right!).

5 thoughts on “Editing my docu

  1. ॐ nina infinite ॐ

    Ironic, somehow, this turn of events…Not really enough info that I might rightfully even form an opinion, but…lol, I am certain that Veeru IS right!


  2. RAVI

    yeahh veeru is always right.
    tho’ script & footage don matter always when finalized,but then whats natural is natural offcourse

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