The filler shots and Terror

I am just mving around the city to get hold of some filler shots (PPL do it much earlier!) and I happened to attract a lot of puzzled quizical expressions from the people. I was in the middle of my edit y’day night and suddenly jumped up and said we go on a shoot. The editor and my camera man were like wot nuts ? U crazy ? U have been making us grope in the forests and feeding us the jowar roti, and all those stupid foods (poor chaps if all went as I planned they would have had a taste of real India Its food and drinks) and drinks in the name of ethnicity and Indian made and Local economy and at the end of the shoot when we are about to complete our edit you come up with this wiered suggestion of shooting the fillers!?

The cameraman givesup Iam out ? Iam not going to go through those harrowing experience not atleast with you, he is put his hands on his head. Then I looked at the assistant he was the poor chap is a bit hesitating and I had my fish for the day. Said ok I am going with Raju and Raju looks at me with pitiful glances.

I say ok Raju come on we are young and these old ppl they are fit for nothing. Raju is up and here we are in the mid of the stop attracting glances strange and wiered stares. I am puzzled too I return them in the same coin and one fella comes up

“sir wots going on Who r u ?”

I answer “Documentary on Social welfare and an organisation thats working for it”

Then he says “dont think otherwise since u r in the old city and we just had a blast a couple of days ago…”

I said its ok and n getting the point and returning a smile…..

The next time I was a bit more friendly and smiled at ppl that passed me and looked at me with those strange stares.

Now I have a more bigger problem a cop walks up and says “ok boy show me ur ID proof?”

I say ” Come on theres no curfew and no rule says permission needed to shoot here”
The police man says ” but its disturbed and by the way don talk too many rule”
I get the point and produce my ID and say bye
Needless to say I was just looking at my job and shoots and fillers ofcourse Raju is again Bakra (victim) to my Job mania forgot our lunch (actually his coz I dont need one when Iam on work)

The old city is still reeling under the mania and fear of strangers……..

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