I just Found this piece of Article interesting and unable to put my thoughts on this topic I shall come back and post something more relavant and elaborate on religious conversions…
Right now lets not get in to goods and bads, there are a lot of things on both sides of the coin…

Let me know ur take on this.. By the way this happens to be the day to mark Dr BR Ambedkar’s day of marking protest by converting to Budhism against the caste Hindu’s casteism and untouchability.

# A majority who took the “Deeksha” were tribals and followers of Dalit writer Laxman Mane
# It could not be termed a move away from Hinduism
# “A step taken to protest against Government’s apathy towards basic needs of tribal people”


NEW PATH: A Dalit woman taking part in a mass conversion ceremony in Mumbai on Sunday. About 1 lakh Dalits and tribals converted to Buddhism in one of the largest conversions in the country. At right, the new converts offer prayers at the ceremony.

The new converts offer prayers at the ceremony.

Courtesy THE HINDU

2 thoughts on “Conversion

  1. Anonymous

    What exactly does the conversion consist of Veru? I find this very interesting. Are they converting from Hinduism to Buddhism?

  2. Munna Bhai

    I have seen this from a close angle. It is myth that religious conversion shall improve the social status.If i say more I shall sound controversial.

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