A hero that campaigns for mother earth

Mr vijayrams self portrait

Here is one of my friends a businessman and what can one expect of a business person but for bargains profits and losses and some calculations.

I was just travelling with one of my friends in hyderabad and this friend of mine one Mr Madhav asked me if I would like to meet somebody sweet. I said meeting ppl is something very interesting. Madhav said ok then here I present you Shri M. Vijayram an artist by taste and conservationalist by activism and a businessman by profession.

The shop is spanky clean with no out of the place items. It is just perfect and I ask him what is it that makes me comfortable entering the shop. Madhav answers wait theres more to come. The emarald sweets is a one of its kind shop that uses no flavoury synthetics but natural ingredients for taste. I look behind the counter for something which has been capturing my imagination and aaah its a painting oops I forgot to tell you Vijay is a painter and he uses painting just to further the cause of environment and just environment. The painting portrays gandhiji and the greenery and the mother earth….

A man with a neat beard walked up to us and said Namaste. We wished him back and here goes the story…..

Mr Vijay started the shop in 2000 but has been in the environmental conservation and awareness programmes for a while. His organisation S.A.V.E ( SOCIETY FOR AWARENESS & VISION ON ENVIRONMENT ) has been making headways into schools, collages and apartment societies, collonies etc,. Infact he sponsors recharge pits for Ground water conservation and hold your breath he has sponsored and personally attended the operations of 370 animals that have been affected by the plastic consumption (so next time you throw plastic out beware). He is on his way campaigning the cause of mother earth. He has now on hand campaign for Husaien sagar the lake at the heart of the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad thast a dumping place for industrial and domestic wastes, Sewerage. The lake once used to be the source of drinking water to the people around.

See the video that Mr Vijay has made on Google videos…

Menace of polythene carry bags:
(The video has shots while a cow has been operated: might be graphically offending)

Address : 1-2-597/30/C,
101, Sahitya apartments,
Lower Tankbund, Hyderabad,
India, 500080.


www.save.org.in (not yet hosted)

4 thoughts on “A hero that campaigns for mother earth

  1. Balaji


    It is really good blog making the people aware of the menace that can be caused by the usage of plastic bags.Prior to the plastic bags evolution( in my childhood we used to take cotton bags to shops and then the shop keepers used to wrap the goods in paper or paper bags and we used to carry them in cotton bags). Now none of us carry bags to shops.

    Now there is lot of advertisement not to use plastic bags in Australia( I dont know much about other countries). They suggest to use our old fashioned bags..they even promote those bags at cheaper rates in super markets such as Woolworths( super market chain)…

    The video is very good…but I could not listen the voice..I dont know the reason..Thanks for the interest and commitment of Mr Vijay and I wish him the best in his SAVE organisation.

    Well done Vijay…I heartly appreciate your initiative in protecting these animals which cant speak( Noruleni jeevaalu)…

    Veeru thanks for this enlightening blog.

  2. ॐ nina infinite ॐ

    This is a potentially catastrophic problem, plastics.. and it is now global. I think someone needs to market sturd lightweight cotton bags, one large that holds a half dozen wadded up bags to make the grocery experience a simple one. When there is a problem, there is usually a solution, and part of this problem is that no one has addressed this…Shoppers need a uniform simple set of bags to replace the plastic available in the stores.

    Talk to Shiva. See if you can get a small cottage industry to change how the world shops. I am not a businss person, but I DO know that the expensive designer chic bags are impractical for high volume and weight shopping that the regular housewife does here for a family.

    After production, someone has to make them affordable and highly visible and not hidden in “green” high end shoppes. Mass marketing of them is the only answer. I have been thinking about this recently…as I need a two sets of 6 bags(5 stuffed in one larger bag) that are light and strong and highly portable.

    Ok…just a thought..but, smile… you do know people who are getting things done. Women don’t care what they carry the groceies in as long as it is easy.

  3. Veeru వీరు

    Thanks bro n as u said its the need of the Hour. Hope even if one individual stops or avoids atleast using plastic thats goal attained for me.

    U r welcome friend

    Will try proposing the project to SHIVA and entreprenuers like him.. Thanks

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