The Heroes on the streets attending to their brethern

Recently I was in the LV PRASAD LABORATORIES and I was attending this film function BAHUMATHI on their audio release function. You might have remembered my earlier post when the RR Movie makers donated Rs. 5,00,000/- to 10 voluntary agencies in making a difference this is on the same occassion.

There was this man that was sitting just two roes away from me and as soon as his name was called a simple peasantry looking couple went on to the stage. The way he talked was not impressive nor was his attire and his looks were not even simple. Then when he talked about his work….

This couple from hyderabad would daily cook food made of Jowar and curry of simplest and cheapest variety and take it to the city college everyday. They would feed around 120 people perday at a simple price of Rs.10/- and free of cost for around 50 people perday. I went to them and asked them if they were that prosperous… The answer was just simple

yeah I do Iam a millionaire. I have fed around a million stomachs for the past 6 years. ANd I shall continue to do it. Its just not me there is one other friend of mine who feeds around 75 sanyasins (saints or saffron clad ppl or fakirs Islamic preachers roaming on the streets). I for some atleast charge some thing this fellow doesnt even charge a penny and he sells vegetables and fruits a hawker.

So what are we doing …to make a difference in the lives of the deprived and unfortunate ?

2 thoughts on “The Heroes on the streets attending to their brethern

  1. ॐ nina infinite ॐ

    Love each other. Feed each other. Do not tell yourself it will cause you grief…that is what they do here in the U.S. They say only bad people want free food, and good people have food. They blame the victims for their hunger.

    I tried to offer beans and rice through a small church here where I lived. I was told I could not. I was told that beans and rice were insulting to people. I was amazed.

    I was not insulted but forever grateful once in the late 60’s when I found a soup kitchen that fed me for free in my desperation. To me these were the best beans and rice I had ever eaten. I will never forget. EACH bowl of food means that tomorrow is a better day. EACH bowl is a gift of character and heart and a prayer of gratitude. What else is there that matters on this planet BUT compassion?

  2. Veeru వీరు

    Beans, or rice or just soup.. Its more than anything to a hungry man / woman on the street…. Each grain counts. n as u said COMPASSION is the word

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