Disability makes the heroes make differentlyabled

This is one of my friends again, and the fellow is Blind by Birth. A nizamabad district inhabitant he is a son of a tailor and was brought up as a very inquisitive person. Never actually holding a cane infact he hates holding it. Thats his version of cane.

Now this is Pradeep Manthena of kammarpalli on the highway leading to Jagityal from Aarmoor in Nizamabad district. Pradeep has completed a double Post Graduation and is a good orator and challenges that some day he would scale the Mount everest. He updates himself with BBC Radio every morning. He has also talked to Jaypal Reddy (Member of Parliament and senior politician) over the Question and answer programmme on the channel. He can drive 2, 4 wheeler vehicle with help from Shiva. The last time he drove it 100 KM / hr and he is also a very good swimmer. Now comming back to his work.

Pradeep as I mentioned earlier has completed his double MA in English as well as Social work. Done his graduation in Public relations Human rights and now working as a receptionist in the Govt District headquarter Hospital Nizamabad. During his stay in Hyderabad, Pradeep would walk into slums and teach the children health, hygiene and shlokas very playfully. Initially I thought people were exaggerating his work. I followed the man and he was just walking straight to the slum without even dashing into the road or the vehicle. He walks in talks to each and every person in the slum Krishna nagar, sanjay gandhi nagar, kamgar basti all in Kachiguda and if any trouble will solve them. Lemme tell you an example.

Once there was a small fight at the GPO Hyderabad involving the slum youth and some goons. Obviously the police threw the slum dwelling youth behind the bars. The parrents came running to Pradeep at about 12:20 I suppose and pleaded to save their children. Pradeep straight away walkied into the Police station concerned and talked out the matter but the police were in no mood to let them out. Pradeep seriously walked to the nearby corporators house (mind you this is at the thick of the night and just pradeep and another friend of mine) and knocked his door until he woke up. He convinced the corporator and got them released. Ofcourse its another matter that he slapped them and took a promise from all of them that they will never ever get into trouble and maintain the dignity.

Such is the courage and self confidence that Pradeep has. He never ever begged for help. Noty even me or even Shiva two very close friends of his.

Now pradeep runs a Differentlyabled counseling and awareness campaign to empower them. Manonethra as it is called has been reaching the 11 Blind hostels as they are called in the city Hyderabad and a couple of other hostels in Nizamabad, karimnagar and Nalgonda. He is a hero and inspires people into education and helping the likes. Pradeep is now the regional convenor and organising secretary for the Akhil Bharatiya Drishtiheen Kalyan Sangh and co-ordinator and guide for Manonethra…

His works can be found at


2 thoughts on “Disability makes the heroes make differentlyabled

  1. I remember you writing of Pradeep before, I think. I cannot tell you how much I admire him, and his way of being. It has to come from the soul, deep inside, for many are blind or disabled and handed everything and do not have the desire to do things that matter, to offer their hearts which Pradeep clearly does. I guess that is why I weep. It is so beautiful to see human beings helping each other. Thankyou for your blog. And tell Pradeep I said namaste. smiles , nina

  2. NINA Infinite
    YEah Nina this is the same PRadeep I earlier mentioned. Offering hands and hearts to share a peaceful earth isnt that wonderful.

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