A Heroe that has lit the hearts towards Blood donation

On the World Blood donation day I present to you one person that I have known. A person who has been an example and lit the spark of volunteerism in many of his peers. I present to You Mr yedama Madhava Reddy, an LLB and a Journalist (by practice) also has been a businessman of late. He has shown all by his practice that there can be ethical business practices, rural focus and social responsibility.

So getting back to the man and the one thing that he likes best taht is linked to today BLOOD DONATION, it was way back in 2004 I suppose when I met Mr Madhav a young man with a smile. He was introduced by Mr Aekka Chandra sekhar a social worker and a close friend of mine. Mr Sekhar is popularly known as Sekharji will follow that.

So Sekharji was saying “Madhav has been running a very old seva karyakram (Service activity) regarding the Blood donors list. Unlike the routine models where you incur expenditure and lots of pains he deals it with just a phone and a few papers”.

I thought so whats so great about that ?

The next day I was incharge of the sewa Bharathi office and somebody called up weeping ” My pa is being operated and we urgently need a A – ive group blood”.

I was in splits emotional and soothened him saying ” everything will be all right”

Then I thought “lemme try this one Mr Madhav”!

As soon as I called up Mr Madhav he picked up the call and in few minutes returned the call saying “the donor is on his way to Sewa Bharathi office, just guide him to the concerned Hospital”

There he was at his best and that was just one side of the man. There was much to see for me, the man Mr Madhav would go to any gathering and with help from his volunteers collect blood samples after a small awareness and inspiring session and group the blood. He would note down the Name and profession contact details, call the person whenever required.

Is nt that simple and wonderful. Saving lives I could feel the word only after meeting the person.

Mr Madhav also works on Tribals (Ekalavya Foundation), on Rural schools and poor students (Vandemataram Foundation), Service activities in general (Seva Bharathi), Youth, nationalism, social concern, Patriotism (Bhagat Singh Seva Samithi).

There is no particular designation as such but he co-ordinates all the service activities and links people interested in Volunteerism as well as voluntary efforts.

He says his philosophy is simple ” To be able to perform and productivly perform in personal sphere at the same time contribute to the society in whatever small capacity possible“.

Now a couple of things from his personal life.

  • He has a marraige without Dowry (thats a big thing considering the stigma attached to Dowry, if u dont take dowry people feel theres something wrong with you seriously )
  • He has an ideal single child and wants to give HER the best. (again considering the dogma that male child will save you from hell, he is a hero to have defied all that)
  • Contributes regularly every month a fixed amout a percentage of his earning to social causes.

2 thoughts on “A Heroe that has lit the hearts towards Blood donation

  1. This is so great to hear of such wonderful people! I think you knew I would be…deeply moved reading about these compassionate ones. Thankyou so much for being you, and tell Mr yedama Madhava Reddy that there is a woman in the U.S. that is smiling tonight reading of him. HUGS, Veeru, and smiles

  2. NINA infinite
    I am glad I made an impact with my writings, not that I wrote great words but the work that I have seen has made an impact thru my writings. HUGS to u too.
    I shall convey ur greetings prayers and wishes to Mr Madhav

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