Hero who won everything

This is a story of a hero, a hero who is his own destine won his fate, won desires and still lives simple.

The man a small time village boy who came to the city in search of answers, a natural born with compassion and vigour. I and lots of people like me found inspiration and energy from this heroe of mine. I remember meeting him one night, it was sometime around 11.30 pm and he was knocking on my door. I was terribly tired and woke upto find this contagious smile and soon was welcoming him. Not without ofcourse the tiring sleepy looks and lazy face but shiva wouldnot give up, not atleast that soon. He said “Sekharji was telling about you, so I was trying to meet you for a while” He went on talking n talking until it was 1. 00 am. I wouldnt know then that this young social worker from seva bharathi would revolutionise the way the organisation worked, the way I n We worked. Shiva was and is unusual, out of the box and breaking rules and grounds.

To give you a glimpse of what he can do, he singlehandedly counseled and took care of 300 kids all street children, of their addictions, inhibitions, attitudes. He did it so well that even after 6 years the kids stop by and wish him jai sri ram annayya. Such is the attatchment he has in and around malkajgiri.

Then with childlabour efforts he got involved got so much deeper that he touched up on every walk of the lives of 177 families of gowlidoddi a slum adjacent the University of hyderabad. When land sharks tried all ways to scare them shiva stood by the slumdwellers rallied support using prosessions, dharnas and broke the landshark, politician, illicit liquor sales, loanshark nexus. He was the only one who stood there and talked to the collector, joint colector and gave them the awakening call, that all is not well. Now the 177 families all daily wage labourers at the stone crushers have a roof on their heads and definitely a better life if not a dream. They are so much attached tohim that they hired a vehicle to travel 190 km and attend his wedding, present a couple of gold ornaments.

Birthday blog

In his personal life Shiva made up his mind to marry only a girl helpless and or orphaned. and he married a girl from the poorest of the poorest despite regional differennce and language barrier. He learnt marathi. He also made a resolution not to go looking for girls but marry the first girl he sees. We even tried to contact afghan and kashmiri orphanages but couldnt get thru when he decided to marry. So do they say marraiges are made in heaven…. He now lives happily with parvathi and two kids cute.

5 thoughts on “Hero who won everything

  1. RAVI

    Veeru Its is infact a comendable job, A person an unsung Hero bro~
    This actually reminds me the days of Deaf Kalls(An organisation{voluntary}Which I ran with my friends for underpriveledged people)
    I wish Shiva all the best in his endeavours

  2. ॐ nina infinite ॐ

    smiles…This made me weep. Few have what it takes to even go down in the streets, let alone to stay, and fight til the end. Most blame the victims, and opt for their own safety and comfort.

    Give my regards to your friend, Shiva and his family.

    Namaste, Veeru

  3. Veeru వీరు

    There are many, infact many more…I shall convey ur love n wishes to Shiva

    Nina Infnite
    Oh that shows ur compassion to the sufferings of people, iam glad u have tears and there are many more like u. U are also on my Heroes list oops Heroines list.
    jai sri ram annayya <<< meaning"Hail Ram Brother" meaning Ram the Ideal person to u Brother. SRi Ram is the Epic character from the mighty Ramayan.

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