The man that could drive people

It was back in 1999 that I met this hero with great influence in his words, a dark man in a hitler like mouschs. You wouldnt believe if someone were to say whatever about him until you talk to him.

It was my days of postgraduation (mba) and one of my friends srikanth introduced me to Mr chandrasekhar (sekharji) at the Seva bharathi office. This man I didnt know would be my hero except the occassional praise from srikanth. Sekharji was a pracharak ( full time volunteer) of RSS (rashtriya swayamsevak sangh )and at that point of time was incharge of community development activities.

He once said “RSS is doing so much of activity for the downtrodden”.

I said “what the hell You just dont do anything except breaking the Babri Masjid”.

He was hurt I could see that then he sat down and explained the community development modelas and nationwide network of volunteers.

“I said but wheres it online ? On the paper ? In your file” ? He said “on the ground and no where” !

I said “come on gimme a break” !

He said “ok we are not such professional but can you help us do it …..”

Thats how I got involved with this whole thing.

I kept travelling with this man (I was trying to document the activities) carrying with me all the stupidity that an educated graduate could and betting to give solutions to everything n anything. I also had this huge feeling of overconfidence and superiority complex. Sekharji had a way of dealing with volunteers, their problems, disturbances and inspirations too. The man inspired people with his personal touch and compassion to their problems a0long with a great deal of attention to their freedom at activity level while addressing their problems and also making them accountable.

I was traveling with sekharji and we were in warangal district, we were to attend a few programmes and then talk to the volunteers there. Volunteers were waiting for this man, I was curious what this man had for them. Soon after completing our programs we started moving from one volunteer to the other, meeting them, their families talking to them. Some poor, some more poor and some poorest. But one thing was common they all were working for their families and their communities, for their betterment.

Sekharji was their favourite they Once there were a few youth who regarded shekharji as their guide and have come to him for an advice in a matter that involved violence and they seemed invincible. I thought they would go either grumbled or with a huge /strong discussion. But after half an hour of listening to them and they were still talking venting out all they had in their minds n hearts. Soon they were over with all they had and our hero just said its ok. The young went home smiling and everything was fine.

2 thoughts on “The man that could drive people

  1. “The man inspired people with his personal touch and compassion” …Without touch, compassion, there is no hope.

    Without people like you, Veeru, smiles…

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