A Hero who broke prototypes

This was during my Post graduation (MBA), and the first day there was this first session and all of us were bored to death and complaining…. What the hell ? IS this the college we deserve for Rs.13,000 p.m (ICBM, Mehdipatnam)?

In the mean while a well built hero crossed the room over to the teaching dias and stood for over 15 secs and said at the top of the voice..”Good Morning friends”(It still rings in my ears!). We all were taken by surprise,

who’s this guy seems to be a senior !?

Is this some sort of a Ragging ?

We were looking at him with curiosity and he again (at the top of his voice) said ” Iam Deepakand would be handling your management lessons in Marketing sphere”

We were like what this kid of course he was well built and has a great voice (mesmerising) will be our teacher oops sorry Lecturer ?

THen thatw as the begining of the session and he read a couple of rules.

1) Do Not Disturb in the middle of my Session
2) Do not say You dont understand coz u donot have a chance to say that
3) Do not ask for washroom in the middle of the session coz you will not be permitted to.
4) If you have a genuine doubt just raise your hand when I say any questions.

We were like ok atleast theres something thats worth the money here. From that day until the end of the programme 2 years later we were in some sort of a trance a trance that Deepak sent us into. He broke all the rules. He encouraged us to break rules and frame newer ones and break them too.

Once he asked us “how many of you eat out at the Theater canteen when u go out to watch a film and how many buy at the street hawker ?”

Almost all of us raised our hands that we eat in the canteen. He said “wrong”. “Why not at the hawkers? Thats how you support local economy?” We were like come on will this fella give us a chance to guess and be right.

The next time he asked “How many of you eat chocolates ?”
We were like Chocolates no way! at least not infront of everybody”
Then he said “you shud be eating chocolates, coz at time you run out of energy and become lazy, depressing. Chocolates have cocoa so have them only when you feel a bit down instead of waiting for ur friends or relatives pick u up”

God and there are a million such things that the fella taught us.

The two years changed the way we looked at life! Ourselves! There was philosophy, science, economy Human touch and more than anything concern and inspiration in his sessions. He encouraged discussions but only fruitful ones when he knew it was going no where he would just say cut the crap out.

mr deepak is well known as MASTER BLASTER he was good at motivational skills not to say he is autocratic.

i still remember v were planning for elections in college and sir planned in US presidential style adress to fellow students and management then voting and he is called as college president that was very innovative normally v need to put up posters work out politically do all nonsense but strategy of deepak was different

he always used to say KAIZEN change for better and really v chaged a lot and today bcoz of his strategies v r able to survive in this flooded market. all business mngmt students acquire therotical knowledge but coz of this guy v r able to learn practically what is marketing ‘

in one maketing phrase let me say u he is FLAG SHIP BRAND of our college

ppl used to stick to benches becoz of his innovative ways of teachings he used to entertain all doubts and v get more and more knowledge while getting solved our doubts we spend max time in resolving our doubts his great strength is command on subject and strong and sharp voice.

becoz of this guy CRESENCT the mngmt festival where all colleges r invited worked out in such great way and the total festival article was published in economic times paper which is very rare i think after IIMs our college matter has been published

let me explain abut his personal life he is around 40 yrs sep 3 is his bday and still unmarried did his mba from osmania university had hardcore experience in direct sales marketing and above all he is a practising lawyer and loves to wear a ray ban sunglasses and he loves to ride pulsar at very high speed levels and our sir weakness is drinks irani chai of hyd at least 8 to 10 cups a day.

in one word he is GOD FATHER for many of us.

Honestly speaking mr deepak was fired from this college becoz of his good works the only cause where management identified him as a indenpent and individualistic decision making guy and apart from this he was totally student oriented lecturer. he used give promises for students queries immediately and rather used to fight with management.

facts say that most enriched and well sucess student batch is 1997-99 batch and unfortunately deepak left and v left college parelly.

mgmt employed some spys to check out his innovative programmes and every time sir used to tackle spys in the right way. now this guys is continuing his own counsultancy called CTRAC a management consultancy and which also educates many ppl and he is still practising lawyer and he is good at economics so he is a enconomic lecturer at degree college and he gives management lecturers at various colleges.

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