Birthday blog

It is a wanderful Birthday I ever will remember. No big bang parties, no huge gifts but its all for myself. What all I thought would be like a birthday at will party. Going circling the Twin cities Hyderabad and Secunderabad and visiting friends at their places to have lunch together then calling up all those lazy bums who missed wishing me and giving them black and blue (its fun try it some time).

The Most interesting and cute lovable feeling was when I was talking to Jayseelan (the poor creature he even forgets his own birthday) and he was all sorry for forgetting (for the nth time), then MOTI gayathry didnt turn up at all, but Vidya, Sri Harsh scrapped me on Orkut. Ofcourse Prasad was to have his share of dose only then he would recollect what he missed. (All of them are my Sri Sri Center for Media Studies Bangalore Journalism batchmates)

In the Picture L -R : Shiva, Parvathy Bhabhi n me of course veeru. Shiva is in my just concluded series My Heroes.

This was at 12 :00 AM almost at the end of the brithday and it was surprise for Bhabhi and she

being a Maharashtrian (before Marraiage and even now) blessed me so that I get all prosperity and a good bride who will not beat me up and so on and so forth.




19 thoughts on “Birthday blog

  1. Holly

    Wonderful celebration of your birth my friend, Happy Birthday ! I too hope for you to find love and a bride that will love and care for you and yes…not beat you up. This will be my present to you, prayers and well wishes of happiness and love. You have a beautiful family, that is a blessing of yours. Peace and Hope, Holly

  2. Pavan

    Heyyy, belated Happy b’day wishes Veeru. Sorry, i wasn’t around to wish you!!!! Hope u had a blast…I can see ur b’day celebrations at home were kool n unforgettable. Wishing you all happiness and a lot of success in the forthcoming year.

  3. Afsheen Ahmed.

    Hi veeru,Read it,Its not my poetry.
    Thanks to Life

    Thanks to Life, which has given me so much
    It gave me the two eyes which when open,
    Can clearly distinguish black from white,
    And in the sky, the background of stars
    And in the crowds, the one that I love.

    Thanks to Life, which has given me so much
    It has given me hearing with all its range
    Letting me hear by day and night, crickets and canaries
    Hammers, fans, barking, downpours
    And the tender voice of my loved one.

    Thanks to Life, which has given me so much
    It has given me a voice and the alphabet
    And the words with which I think and speak:
    “Mother, friend, brother”, and light shining on
    The road to the heart of the one I love.

    Thanks to Life, which has given me so much
    It has given me the tired steps of my feet
    With which I walked to cities and in puddles
    On beaches and deserts, mountains and plains
    And to your house, your street, and your patio.

    Thanks to Life, which has given me so much
    It gave me the heart that shakes its own frame
    When I see the fruit of the human mind
    When I see the good, so far from the bad
    When I see the depths of your clear eyes.

    Thanks to Life, which has given me so much
    It has given me laughter and it has given me tears
    Thus I distinguish happiness from sorrow,
    The two materials that form my song –
    And your song, which is the same song
    And the song of everyone, which is my own song.
    Thanks to Life, which has given me so much.

    be blessed friend.

  4. Jim

    Congratulations on your birthday. I, of course, am of an age when I would rather forget my own birthday; but it IS always fun celebrating the birthdays of the people I love.

  5. ◦NANA◦KC◦

    I offer you a blessing so that your wife also does not beat you up! That is so funny! 😀 Happy Un-Birthday 🙂

  6. svelliyod

    Every Birthday, for you, Veeru should be a reminder that time is running out for you to do the good that you are ordained to do in a life that is meant to be meaningful, useful and considerate to fellow human beings…

    I realise that you’ve been living a life like that. I did read about your heroes- unsung, unheard of, quiet workers, who do their bit for no gains or glory. Great guys, and one who recognises this greatness is destined in similar directions.

    And ofcourse, in Jay, you have one similar to me about birthdays! ( I always manage to forget all of them, even mine!)

  7. ॐ nina infinite ॐ

    Whenever someone I know celebrates the day he or she was born, I ponder that that instant of entry to this plane had some bearing on my own life, that because of all that has preceded this very moment of now, we are here, knowing each other. I am so glad that I met you, Veeru. Happy day that brought you to this place!

    Namaste to you, dear friend…smiles…

  8. Anonymous

    Happy Belated Birthday my friend, many blessings and every happiness to you! IT seems, you Booski and I share this month for our Birthdays.

  9. Baie DeNoir

    when i last viewed this blog there was just the initial photo….you have a wonderful world Veeru. So many people to love and love you back. you are very much blessed…A blessed and happy new year to you sweet veeru

  10. Veeru వీరు

    Thank you n a belated Thank you 2 u 2:)

    WOW thats sweetest, n thank u for praying for me. N ofcourse Iam afraid of being beaten.

    Oh its ok, even I posted my B’day blog belated.. its ok
    Lost in the crowd ohhh u make me nostalgic n lost.. 🙂

    Feel T
    Ohhh Thanks for that wonderful poem


    Its already friend n its gud to forget somethings. Thanx for ur wishes. They are warm.

    So am I!

    God save veeru, Thanx for ur blessings. Hope they can save me. 🙂

    VICTIM of WIFE (VOW) :((

    Belated Thank u

    Unsung there are many friend, unheard so many more and Heroes countless. Thanks dear.

    Nina infinite
    Well said friend “instant of entry to this plane had some bearing on my own life” and Namaste

    Thank u 🙂

    Devilish Angel
    the devil angel all share the same 🙂 Jus kidding …Happy to share…

    Madam Baie Denoir
    Yup, I love u all dears, wot wud b 360 widout u all

    Cindy P

  11. Anonymous

    I just came across your’s very well written… I must say you are a very handsome Man.. Happy belated Birthday wishes along with wishes of a non-violant Wife… they say here in the USA if i gotta beat’cha i don’t need’cha.. i wish you all the love in the world along with kindness..caring…humor and honesty… good luck!!

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