The huge USS Nimitz rakes up huge controversy

One ship a old 1975’s inducted US warship that has come in to Indian waters is raking up controversy for all the wrong reasons its in the bad press. The 23-storey nuclear-powered supercarrier (it runs on 2 nuclear reactors) has concerns of the environmentalists and the left groups who have been condemning India’s fast paced shift to the US camp. Notorious as a war monger regime the US Bush administration has raked up really strong sentiments in Indian Subcontinent, the last time taht was done was during the gulf war when the US fighter planes refueled on Indian soil. Now its the second time that war machines in Indian waters are doing so. The last time a war ship trailed into Indian waters was to help Pakistan in its dubious efforts to encroach Kashmir. The ship is being parked in Indian waters on the east coast city Chennai.

The party has ordered us to learn swimming
to stage a dharna and rasta roko near USS Nimitz!

before getting any further look at what one of my fellow blogger says (he calls himself
Scott Carney n his blog The Tension 🙂 ):

I know this because they are e-mailing me about it. Last night I got this message from a sailor we will call “Sam”.

Hey I just happened to see your website and I thought what the heck I will email you. I need some important information that is near and dear to our hearths…”beer”. You see we are on the USS Nimitz and will be arriving soon. I would like to get a little head start by looking where to buy some beer. I would rather buy beer and take it to our hotel vice paying for the higher cost of ordering through room service. Can you help me locate some liquor stores or a decent place in Chennai to buy cheep beer? Respectfully and Thank you in advance for all your efforts, Sam

Chennai does have a decent nightlife these days. But my guess is that while the USS Nimitz is in port the sailors are going to run the town. Watch out for a guy in bright white chaps and a funny hat vomiting at your local TASMAC.

“[This] will be hazardous to the people in the proximate cities wherever it is docked,” Jayalalitha former chief minister of tamil Nadu said in a statement. “This is a serious issue and the possible radiation hazards to the people of Chennai cannot be taken lightly … Because of the radiation hazards, many countries like Australia have denied permission [to the aircraft carrier to enter their ports].” (

Renowned academics, authors and former bureaucrats on Friday joined the protests against the Government’s decision to grant permission to U.S. aircraft-carrier Nimitz to rest at the Chennai port. They said this marked “a departure from the United Progressive Alliance’s promise to work for a balanced, multi-polar world free of nuclear weapons,” and pointed to an erosion of foreign policy independence. (

They (Indian Leftysts) said it brought back memories of 1971 when Washington sent another aircraft carrier, the USS Enterprise, to the Bay of Bengal to intimidate India as it fought Pakistan in a war that led to the creation of Bangladesh. (

Many countries like Australia had denied permission to the warship to enter their shores as there was a possibility of radiation hazard.

The USS Nimitz is the 11th nuclear-powered vessel to berth in Indian waters since 2001, with similar warships from France and Britain having visited the country without facing protests. (

There is also this huge debate of US using India against the mighty dragon China and India falling for the US’s Tricks. This comes close on the heels of Condoleza Rice’s statement to abandon Non-aligned movement.

“The Americans are in difficulty in Iraq and are not having their way with Iran and are wary of the growing might of the Chinese,” Basu added.

“The US could be trying to drag India into its wider strategy to contain Iran. Sometimes our government succumbs to U.S. pressure,” D. Raja, national secretary of the smaller Communist Party of India, which also backs the government coalition. (

India’s powerful communists protested on Tuesday against the first port call by a US aircraft carrier to the country, saying Washington was using New Delhi to counter the power of China and Iran. (

(photo: U.S. Navy by Petty Officer 3rd Class Paul J. Perkins)

Powered by two nuclear power plants and with a speed of over 30 knots, the Nimitz accommodates a crew of over 5,000 and more than 65 fighters, surveillance and rescue jets and helicopters.

Its length of 1,092 feet and width of 252 feet make it a marvel of the seas.

Commissioned on May 3, 1975, the Nimitz was named after Admiral Chester W Nimitz, who commanded the US Pacific Fleet in World War II.(

The worst thing is the US administration is pretty tight lipped over the Nuclear warheads onboard the warship. look at the statements by Mr Blake commander Nimitz:

Rear Admiral John Terence Blake, commander, Nimitz Carrier Strike Group 11, told HT that the policy of the US government was not to routinely deploy nuclear weapons on carriers, submarines and aircraft. “But I cannot confirm or deny the absence of nukes on board,” said Blake in an interview in the Nimitz war room which quaked amidst the roar of F-18 Super Hornets being catapulted from the flight deck right above to speeds of over 170 miles in two seconds. (Hindustan times)

Mr. Mulford declined to confirm or deny whether the controversial vessel had nuclear weapons on board, citing the U.S. policy.(theh
02 jul 2007)

The Nimitz CSG 11 includes aircraft carrier Nimitz, embarked Carrier Air Wing 11, Destroyer Squadron 23, guided-missile cruiser USS Princeton, guided-missile destroyers USS John Paul Jones, USS Higgins, USS Chafee, USS Pinckney and a Seahawk squadron for anti-submarine warfare.

A Nimitz class aircraft carrier carrying a full complement of aircraft.

A Nimitz class aircraft carrier carrying a full complement of aircraft.

F/A-18F touchdown with tail-hook deployed.

F/A-18F touchdown with tail-hook deployed.


The Indian Connection:

He may have become an American citizen but Lieutenant Commander Mohammad Kamil’s heart still beats for India. As the only Indian American serving on the USS Nimitz, the supercarrier’s scheduled port call in Chennai from July 2-July 5 will definitely be a more joyous period for Kamil than any of the 5,000-odd personnel onboard. (

USS Nimitz returns home to San Diego after supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The aircraft carrier USS Nimitz with a large American flag draped across her flight deck prepares to return to San Diego.

6 thoughts on “The huge USS Nimitz rakes up huge controversy

  1. RAVI

    Veeru this is just a big ado out of nothing, what about the fact that the electricity in the south is being produced by the Nuclear plants geeeshh.
    The ship has come under the strategic exchange program of the Joint Indo-Us Military cooperation program, where in the visits to each others soil Air & seas & high seas in facilitated by the agreement entered into by the chiefs of Armed forces of both the Nations & That have been endorsed by Both the governments of both the Nations,
    Veeru as far as the concern of the Commnushts is concerned, It is all a bizzare bullshit they always committ, In the wak e of the Arunachal Jargoan ,which China seems to be heading for a near 62 kind of a situation & they seem to have been buzzed by that yet.
    Its the ole story with them celebrating the victory of the communists over the Non communists in 1962.They have been since the advent been assisted by the USSR in the past years & since 1958 the marxist china became their Master in the disguise of their mentors,
    Veeru just check the Links of the Naxalite movements that are mushooming in various parts of this stricken One piece Nation, Those people who do not have the money to buy a square meal a day. where they are getting their kalishnikovs NOW Ak 56’s from, Understandibly………..
    Next part abo0ut the concerns of teh India & Usa in this region.
    CHINA HAS ALREADY SET UP A NAVAL BASE & IS PREPARING TO SET A SIMILAR BASE IN GWADAR in PAKISTAN. tHE STRATEGIC INTERESTS THAT China seems to be showing in the area near the ANdaman & Nicobar Waterways & Palk straits, is a matter of concern for India(does anyboy know that Burma will be fecilitating China with area to set up a Nuclear Missile base in Burma? How does that sound?
    The matter of the 1971 was clearly a token of the extreme Cold War Era where there were ony teo confrontationists anywhere linked anywhere in the world tHE CAPITALISTS NATO & THE LIBERAL COMMUNIST WARSAW PACT
    USA had tried to rope in India as a strategic partner in 1952 but at that time NEHRU WHO projected himself as the saviour of peace(panchsheel) turned down the repeated feelers.
    At that juncture when the polarisation was taking place India found solace & safety in the closeness of the USSR, which went of pretty well & still is marching on, but one evil that escorted this funda friendship was that the Evil commnushts had to be appeased for the sake of the Ruusia friendship…
    Im coming back on this

  2. Anonymous

    I honestly view this as a postive thing. I am very pleased to see India allowing this ship to dock there. It shows that the US as well as India are friends, I personally am comforted by this fact. I have read alot of history and I do know that India has great warriors and would only compliment if not lead the us during times of difficulty if called upon. I can understand the weariness of viewing US Sailors puking in the streets, all I can say to this is…WELCOME TO OUR WORLD!!! lol They are harmless, they are well contained and are there for a purpose, besides,,,most of those ships, especially war ships have their own supply of alcohol,,,my brother retired from the Navy not long ago, and when I was in Desert Storm, we soldiers KNEW where to look for alchohol, and it was with the Navy on their ships, so you very well might be seeing them out with their cameras and trying to speak really bad Hindu, but I think all is going to be well. Very interesting blog 🙂

  3. Veeru వీరు

    Yup I agree with you but the fact of the matter is also that the US has been a very Unreliable partner in any of its past record. Do we have to believe it ? I dont know Iam a bit sceptical!.

    Yup Munna, hwas a bit wary. But going by the trend it seems it is fair and mutually beneficial relationship for both US n India. Have to wait n c!

    Yup! at this point of time theres a hopeful and wishful situation atleast for me. Despite those protests from numerous Commies I am positive what if it is half hearted.

  4. ◦NANA◦KC◦

    In my experience, protesting something only brings more of it. I like to see pictures of the Indian countryside and share a curry.

    But I read everything and found it to be very interesting, and I like to know the perceptions and differences of the various people. I would make me sad to not be friends of India, one of my favorite countries and peoples! Full of variety and color and beauty, drama and excellence and fervor… Everything!

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