Tribute to India

View: A SENSE OF WONDER (the first part of the film)
Its magnificient… This weekend was like this film. I had a trek and was returning from my friends farm and it rained so beautiful wa it that its unforgetful. I share with you one such magnificient vieos…

This is our ‘Namasté’ to India as a gem on this planet”

Chinmaya Dunster

This film is of a multimedia concert recorded live at the Bharatiya Vidyapeeth Institute of Environmental Education and Awareness (BVIEER), Pune, India.

3 thoughts on “Tribute to India

  1. i enjoyed this post immensely! i adure your beautiful country and will visit india with my girlfriend when we got time for it. i got an idea for a book in my mind…we will be busy building in argentina for a while…

  2. Alfred
    Thats gr8, n take my word India will not let u down. Its a romantic place. Esp if u r with ur Girl friend … 🙂

  3. Such a beautiful video, with wonderful music and images of India…all inspiring respect and care of the earth we live on. Thank you for sharing it.

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