Skyscrappers in Hyderabad

WOW ! is all one can say of the ambitious plan of Lanco group to build 90 storied building in Hyderabad with an investment of Rs. 5,500 cr. Last heard all the residential space has been sold out, here is how it shall look like when completed.


When I say WOW Iam just awed by the feeling of the skyscrapper who doesnt ? Atleast Iam! But at the same time in a country like India what would be the socio-economic implicatons of such a massive structure ? Will it broaden the alreaden deepening diisions and make us a divided society of haves and havenots ? Or will it just pave way for more such buildings where in no one will be on the ground but in the air ? Well cant say for my sparrow mind its the former that is visible and call me cynic ! I am well one of those who wouldnt want to forego traditions and happiness for technology and GDP.

A sector-specific Special Economic Zone for Information Technology (IT) and IT-enabled services (ITES) will be set up over 25-acres in Manikonda village, Rajendranagar Mandal of Ranga Reddy district.

The work on this high-rise edifice is being taken up by LANCO as part of the LANCO Hills Technology Park Private Limited, a real estate venture on the sprawling 100 acres land at Manikonda. Apart from the majestic residential complex “Signature Towers,” an IT Park and commercial establishments, including 16 multiplexes and clubhouses, food joints and many more will come up.

Currently the dash for high rise structures is so intense that at least 75 of them are slated to sprout in the city over the next 18-24 months all within a radius of 10-12 kilometres of the technolopolis of Cyberabad.

Skyscrapers Compare

Skyscraper details
Building Name Location Floors Status
Taj Krishna Banjara Hills 11 Existing
Babukhan Estate Basheerbagh 16 Existing
Gagan Vihar Nampally 14 Existing
Hill ridge springs Gachibowli 14 Existing
Aliens Space Station Tellapur 30 Under Construction
ICICI tower Nanakramguda 28 Under Construction
APIIC Twin towers Manchirevula 60 Proposed
Lanco hills – Residential Manikonda 30 Proposed
Lanco hills – Signature tower Manikonda 90 Proposed


And if you are curious of whats and wheres of the tallest in the world here is something thats for you. Its just that the human mind is always fancied with big bigger and biggest and its but natural what is unnatural is the irresponsible application of such technology like for example the industrialisation and the fusions and fissions. Will a 1000 Live Earth concerts bring back the Global ecology that is destroyed in the name of development. The Amazon forests, the Suezs, the Ganges, the chernobyls, the Yangtze river and the three gorges dam and do we hope the list to slow down witout concrete action ?

World's Tallest Buildings: Taipei 101, Petronas Towers 1 & 2, Sears Tower, Jin Mao Building, and The Empire State Building

Building, city Year Sto-
Rank m ft
1. Taipei 101, Taipei, Taiwan 2004 101 508 1,667
2. Petronas Tower 1, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1998 88 452 1,483
3. Petronas Tower 2, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1998 88 452 1,483
4. Sears Tower, Chicago 1974 110 442 1,451
5. Jin Mao Building, Shanghai 1999 88 421 1,381
6. Two International Finance Centre, Hong Kong 2003 88 415 1,362
7. CITIC Plaza, Guangzhou, China 1996 80 391 1,283
8. Shun Hing Square, Shenzhen, China 1996 69 384 1,260
9. Empire State Building, New York 1931 102 381 1,250
10. Central Plaza, Hong Kong 1992 78 374 1,227

6 thoughts on “Skyscrappers in Hyderabad

  1. Jim

    Los Angeles is full of skyscrapers. Would the city be more beautiful without them? Probably. What do they accomplish? They make developers rich because they could charge vastly more rents for each square measure of ground. Do I want to make developers rich? No!

  2. Veeru వీరు

    nice to c u here, TY
    I am not against Skyscrappers JIM but the need of it is questionable. In places like mumbai where there is need for more living spaces and ongestion of land its understandable, or in Japan and hongkong for that matter any of those cities or countries that face serious crunch of spaces. But why hyderabad.

  3. Lovleen

    wow…I love the idea off this needlepoint skyscraper in India, it makes a statement… I understand the soci-econmic impact and I appreciate you for this well-thought of blog… I still can’t decide which side I should take… I mean for an elephant his useless teathes- his 2 beautiful ivory teethes.. are important to some extent… everything is not utilitarian, but to put india on the world map..its very important.

  4. Holly

    What an amazing building. Taller than any we have here in Portland. Simply beautiful. Have they started construction on it yet ?
    Peace and Hope, Holly

  5. Pavan

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! U know wht Veeru, my dad mentioned about this when I last spoke to him a couple of days ago and I was searching the net for any info, couldn’t find any. Here you go…Am impressed about the project. As it’s Lanco’s, i think, it would soon come into reality. I would luv to see my hyd like this…:D

    Thnx v.much for the info veeru. 16 multiplexes, gasping…

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