statistics, lies and HIV

Who was that that said there are three kinds of lies, Lies absolute lies and statistics ? Isnt it true ? Yes ofcourse was what I felt when the Indian Govt was caught in the red by the International agencies regarding the HIV. Was it the sell out to multinational drug agencies that rely heavily on these statistics and market their drugs or the govts very own begging bowl strategy for the multinational donor agencies ? Well have to figure it out. There have been several attempts to pull north the falling garphs of the Multinational pharma companies, like the process patenting ammendment in the TRIPS (India used to supply cheap quality drugs to third world countries suffering from HIV but not any more thanks to the TRIPS) or sars or the HIV there can be no end to such tricks.

The new method introduced this year has thrown up a figure of 2.47 million — much lower than 5.2 million estimated last year.

“We’ve been able to arrive at a robust figure that all our experts feel is as correct an estimate as we can get — the results show there are an estimated 2 million to 3.1 million people with HIV,” health minister Anbumani Ramadoss said, providing the upper and lower values of the estimate

(The telegraph India)

Isn’t this a revelation of the kinds ? I appreciate the statement by P sainath on statistics These statistics are not merely numbers, Sainath warned. “You have to deal with the linkages and politics of the educational system whether you like it or not. Sex ratios, casteism, and public health do impact education.” Thats not just education every other field is the same.

According to the last year’s estimates, India had 5.206 million HIV/AIDS patients (people aged between 15-49 years) in 2005. The UNAIDS later put it at 5.7 million including the paediatric AIDS cases. For the first time, NFHS, India’s largest health survey, had specific questions on AIDS in its door-to-door survey conducted on 2,30,000 people. Both sentinel site and NFHS data was integrated and a new internationally validated methodology was used to arrive at the new estimate.

(The deccan Herald)

And here is some good news too There is going to be insurance cover for the HIV patients too.

Star Health, country’s first stand-alone health insurance company has put the proposal before IRDA, Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority for getting permission to launch this product to provide group insurance coverage for HIV infected persons. The company is eyeing to 5.7 million HIV-infected people across India including severe AIDS patient.

(The international reporter)

Statistics again but that what capitalism runs on smoother. No lets not get in to messier things and go ahead with the insurance cover itself. The premiere of the insurance would be Rs.3,000 per-person-per-year that will provide the coverage of Rs. 50,000 per person”. The compensation becomes payable if an HIV patient is confirmed to be carrying AIDS. The HIV-infected person could survive his/her life like other uninfected people until he/she might goes under the deadly disease, AIDS. The whole treatment of AIDS is extremely costly. The ordinary people can’t survive its course. In this way, the insurance may be a reason of boon for those.

4 thoughts on “statistics, lies and HIV

  1. Lovleen

    with this.. I guess, I catched up with the blogs I had missed out earlier…
    I have to compliment you about the wide verirty of thought provoking topics you have got up here… I loved the images you’ve but… everything from rakhi to tiranaga in times square…sonia-rahul ganshi and the rikshaw in agra…. I am sorry about the demise of your activist friend… and it was great to know about the harappa time… and an eye-opener like this blog…
    keep up the good work!!!

  2. Veeru వీరు

    Thank you for following my blog so closely and I shall take it a compliment “wide verirty of thought provoking topics you have got up here” and happy to note that u loved the images too. Thank you

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