The black

I opened the door of this Apartment turned advertisement agency office in Masabtank Hyderabad, it was a confusion and was a feeling like DID I COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE ?
A wiered feeling ! Dont tell him. Mr Sudhakar will throw me out with that again wiered gaze that will make u feel guilty.

A few days ago while trying to work on my Documentary script I was on a campaign mode to meet as many people as possible. Moreover the film was regarding the Community development taken up by an NGO that has a pan India presence. I was talking with this man Mr Balasubrahmanyam. It was our 5th sitting for the script but nothing came out of the discussions.

Mr bala suggested we meet at his friend’s offce compose graphics in Masab tank.

Well what to do ?

I said that is fine with me …

Thats how I entered this strange looking engmatic office.

It is a normal office but for the dark black color all over the walls and a Full length mirror facing the door. A very old teak black color table and an antique telephone on top of it.

The visitors waiting chairs were nicely (all in black) designer made. With one sheet bent to sit and the other made concave, it is ofcourse a nice arrangement.

In the corner of the room was a hanging iron chain again in black but what was different was the chain was cut in at the half way mark. The lower part of the chain stood as if to each the upper one. It was nicely welded the links so that the chain stood straight.

There was this conclave shape at the left hand side inside which there was the kitchen and refreshments stall. All the computers, walls, doormats, batthroom, toilet seats all of them in black.

While I was watching all this Mr Bala walked in and quite amused at the way I was looking at the surroundings he ordered a chai (hot coffee) for me to relax. After a while he said Isnt this a funny place ?”

“How do u like the place?”

I said it is of course but who is in charge here can I talk to him ?

He called this man Sudhakar a young 30 and odd year old fella clean shave and a 60’s carbon frame glases. He wished me and said “yeah ! what Can I do For you ?”

I said “I was amused by the texture of the tiles and the color of the room. But WHY BLACK?”

His face and the colours changed and blood rushed gushed into his face and literally shouted “Why not Black?”

I was like taken aback and said ” cool man if it were someother colour my reaction would have been Why that colour. Nothing personal”

He was like control man and went immersed into a pensive mood. Took off his glasses and started saying ” Why do we victimise people colors and things ? Are there things that Nature or if u believe in GOD God creates evil or lesser important?”

Black (

Black is what is the beauty of the world.

Black is where vision comes from

Black is where the universe lies

Black is the imagination

Black is beautiful and

It is UNLIMITED and aUnending

He went on and on and on…..

I was just watching him and his feelings….

6 thoughts on “The black

  1. ♥ Allahs Creation ♥

    ok…lets see where do i tackle this first…”Are there things that Nature or if u believe in GOD God creates evil or lesser important?”
    God he did create evil…but it is only to test our nature..per-se..Evil does not demand your presense..only desire..turns us to him..Now the color black..i understand what he is saying throughtout the years people have been using the color “black to demostrate telling a child..”dont look under the bed its dark there..somethings under there”..even today witchcraft is practice and what color do they wear…not orange..or yellow…loool..i guess you see where i am going with this..but anyway..i like the color black..but personally..i would not have a room that color..or do i wear black constantly..i love the choice of having so many different colors to choose from…”I always say the BEAUTY is in the eyes of the Beholder..Sorry sooooooo long..take care….and great blog… 🙂

  2. Veeru వీరు

    Wise Nice Sam:
    Wow that incredible.

    Madame baie Denoire:
    Ofcourse it is

    TY and for you should be right. and Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

    TY Will tell him Mr Sudhakar that he has company.

    WOW So theres more company for Mr Sudhakar… heloooo r u listening

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