Debate on American Health system Moore Vs Dr Gupta

That is a fabulous show on Larry King live! I read about this first on a news syndication service from one of the Indian news papers by the was just took it so light and then the second day it appeared on rediff and today I found it on Michel moores’s website Larry king show courtesy YouTube. I was shocked to watch here in India of an incident involving a corporate hospital. It was involved in treating a deadbody for 36 hours making a hullo bulla of everything right from oxygen cylinders to the “call the specailist” and the final SOS and at last “curtains down” scene of “oooh we tried so hard but cudnt save him”. Isn’t that quite an Oscar winning Script n playwrite ?

Our very own Telugu super oops mega star framed the scene in his very own “Tagore” a film to fight curroption. Oops did I say corruption and whats he doing in his charitable trust nnnoo veeru hold on its not the way to go you are writing on ooh yeah Michelle mooore right carry on with that. Where was I yeaahhhh ……. perhaps the Hollywood has some lessons from Indian Doctors. Opps Michelle moore I dont know if u have some interest here in India but you have loads of such themes here too. Why dont you come over ?

It all started with

It started earlier this week, when CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, who hosts the hour-long show Situation Room, turned the spotlight on Sicko, the recently-released Michael Moore documentary that takes a harsh, uncompromising look at America’s healthcare industry. (

It is wonderful infact at atime when the world is in turmoil (lets not go in to whats and whos) but yeah the world is disturbed and now when everybody is talking war there is somebody who cares for the Health of the average Americans and the debate is not stopping there it is going places to canada, france and more so to developing countries. I love it that is a wonderful and welcomeable debate and need of the hour.

The key point of disagreement, during the debate, revolved around Moore’s contention, in the movie, that other developed nations such as France [Images] and Canada [Images] have universal health care, and that such health care is largely free, while Americans pay exorbitant sums to underwrite their health care needs.

Dr Gupta said while patients may not pay for services at the doctor’s office, they pay high taxes to fund such a system.

Moore in response pointed out that though Americans do not pay taxes to fund a health care system, they end up paying out more by way of copays, deductibles and insurance premiums. (

Thank you Michel moore Thank you Dr Sanjay Gupta.


part 1 of the debate

part 2 of the debate

part 3 of the debate

9 thoughts on “Debate on American Health system Moore Vs Dr Gupta

  1. Lori

    Veeru, I have been quietly reading your posts for a while now, we have several friends in common. I hope you don’t mind if I comment.

    The state of the American health care system is quite sad. I have yet to see Sicko, but respect Moore’s work, he is a person not afraid to take a very honest and critical stance of government and shortcomings. While the Larry King debates sometimes got sidetracked on stats, there is not arguing the fact that over there are over 50 million uninsured Americans, many of them working uninsured. As a self employed American, I am only too aware of the horrifically high costs of private health insurance, the debate claims of $6-7,000 per year, is accurate. Far beyond the financial reach of many people… and and many Americans sacrifice their health, because of this.

  2. Veeru వీరు

    Not at all Lori
    U R Welcome on my page always. And regarding the American Health system its a revelation for me, have been trying to get deeper when ever someone of my friends reach me online or personally i start quizzing them do u visit rural America… Howzit like ? How are the ppl ? Wot kind of living standards do they have ? I normally get a negative ..! No we have not gone beyond the Urban landscape ! So Moore and some of them do portray the true inner America.. Not only that what we need is ppl like Moore in India and all other countries.
    Regarding larry King show … Yup u r right
    But I smile coz its a chance for the governments and ppl to better their standards and lives 🙂

  3. Jim

    I have met Michael Moore (at a book signing) and think he is one brave American. Right now, though, the people who are shaking and quailing are the healthcare providers and the insurance companies. Bad cess on them all!

  4. ♥ Allahs Creation ♥

    yaaaaa i to agree somewhat…with everyone else is saying..Healthcare is crazy here…either you make to much money to get help..and then no-one wants to help…or vise-versa…and i agree with Jim… Moore is a Brave American….

  5. Lori

    Veeru, You asked about rural America…I live in a suburb of a small city in New Your State. Ten minutes in one direction is the city, ten minutes in the other direction is rural New York. If you read my blog, you will see several posts about rural NY, about life in this area and many photos I have taken. I am passionate about rural life, part of how I make my living is with local farmers, farmers markets, organic farming, etc….so it is a very important way of life and topic, for me. I know many farmers, it can be a hard way of life, like it is in any country…but their toil feeds us, and it is a very honorable job to take on in life, to work with the earth. Some small farmers also make a very good living, at it, especially those who address the growing health concerns of the people. More and more, people are opting for healthy lifestyles that include healthy foods, organics…and are very interested in a sustainable way of life, including the food they buy. While many people may not step out of large urban areas, you may have just met one who rarely steps in, lol. 🙂

  6. Veeru వీరు

    You are welcome and always

    Can you write something on that book signing ? 🙂

    He is ofcourse…..

    Will visit ur place online…

  7. Pavan

    I usually don’t believe, but coming from you, now I suspect Veeru. Do u really think, all is not clear in Chiru’s charitable trust?

  8. Veeru వీరు

    I am sorry to say but yeah. He collects loads of money from poor patients and look at the way it is run not an iota of transparency. oops iam sorry Chiru but had to tell the truth what if taht means breaking hearts.

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