Harry potter in Hindi

This is a moblog
It has been fun watching Harry n his friends talk n fight in hindi. In fact it is a wierd feeling and even in the most serious situations I was laughing…… Oops and not to forget that stares from my fellow movie goers, “come on stop doing that”. l
Heeeeeeeee heeeheee Raksha mantr, Anisht dev, avanti, nirastrabhavan, satyaprakatan,

4 thoughts on “Harry potter in Hindi

  1. svelliyod

    You wil be surprised: my favourite televelsion programme is the ‘TeleBrands” show, in Malayalam! I show it to my children and tell them, “See, an all American audience, talking among them,selves, are doing so in Malayalam!”
    It’s absolutely hilarious, and just about the best thing to do when there’s nothing serious to do!

  2. Pavan

    hahahaha!!!! I once watched mummy in tamil. to my shock, i didn’t knew it was tamil version…:(
    Thank god, I never watched any english movies dubbed…:D

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