MIGHTY FORCE: Policemen pull the chariot on the occasion of Jagannath’s Rath Yatra in Puri, Orissa, on Tuesday

Source : Times of India epaper

Watch the webcast Video on Demand here

When Lord Jagannath begins his vacation on grand chariots, three cities get on their feet — Puri, Ahmedabad and Kolkata. The Puri Yatra is the biggest crowd puller, with over 10 lakh devotees, followed by Ahmedabad with a 4 lakh-strong crowd.

But what is striking is that, in Puri, almost 30% of the devotees who congregate on the streets for the grand procession are outsiders, including a significant number of foreigners, mainly from the US. (Source : Economic times)

Rath Yatra in Imphal:

Konung Kang getting stuck at a tree growing near the MB College

Rath Yatra in Patna

Jagannath Rath Yatra in Patna
Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5

Photo by Shashi Uttam


A Rath Yatra with a difference:



7 thoughts on “IN GOD’S NAME

  1. veerU Im gonna watch all those links By n by Thats some woncerful collection of links on Rath- yatra, I like this Im gonna store some links too

  2. The Hare Krishnas have a similar parade — called the Festival of the Chariots — on Venice Beach, usually the first weekend of August. I’ll try to attend and photograph it.

  3. Ravi
    Yup, And I love this one festival, and by the way do u know RAVI taht there is a folklore in parts of Puri and surroundings saying the Christ JEsus of Nazarath was here as part of his journey to wisdom seeking….. 🙂

    Truly and I would be looking forward for those PIX

  4. Ravi:
    Thats real wonderful fest and it has some wonderful folklore as Thirumal was pointing out. will doa different post sometime later…

    Yup JIM and ISCKON as they are called are known for a different way of celebrating … Krishna and ISCKON 🙂

    Thanks Thirumal

  5. Nice video Veeru. btw, is that solved now, the conspiracy in Puri? Did they find all the statues that were stolen???

  6. PAVAN:
    TY, I think yes if we go through this report

    The silver idol of Amabasya Narayan, weighing about 6 kg, was stolen along with the 15-kg idol of Lord Madan Mohan, which was made of Ashtadhatu (eight different metals). The Madan Mohan idol was, however, recovered from inside a well close to the Jagannath temple on Monday.
    look at the more interesting part of it

    Tip-off from monkey leads police to stolen statue

    Puri idol found in temple well

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