The Abdul Kalam Phenomenon

In this pic look at H.E the President of india sitting down when the panelists are discussing and he intervenes, such is the simplicity and natural style of functioning of the President of India.

He says ” I will go with two small suitcases”

Will the incumbents stay there at that degree of perfection as the one that is leaving the office. The sanctity and the simplicity yet the glorious style of functioning unlike the Rubber stamps earlier. We salute you sir Your Excellency President of India Abdul Kalam.

in a weeks time he will not be here at the above website and then he will change his residence from raisina hill to chennai also his home on the web to

So you know where to look at ?

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3 thoughts on “The Abdul Kalam Phenomenon

  1. Anonymous

    I have noticed there are alot of Indians who are famous, etc…and I feel that each and every country should be proud of those who strive to make this world a better place, this is something which bonds true advocates world-wide, no matter where they are from 🙂

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