oops Something wrong with Y 360

Bear with me until i bear with yahoo 360. This is my first complaint on Y!360. Although i had a couple of problems I just reported and left off but Now it seems to be prevailing all the while. So this blog. You might have seen a duplicated posts of the same posts from me on this blog, Actually they are not mine they are the Y! 360 errors.

Atleast thats what the yahoo 360 page says. So unil they sort it out I shall shut up and keep reminding them thru mails or whatever. And unfortunately the messages in the 360 on my blog are errors too it says message box full. Or sometimes it never takes the mail ids I select or it ignores the mail addresses and after I click on send message it will prompt me ” No Mail ids added”

Unlike earlier now thigs seem to be settling down. I tried and deleted some posts but still one post a repition of the Indian colours a pic has not been able to delete it …. Same answer Error Y! 360….. 🙂

10 thoughts on “oops Something wrong with Y 360

  1. Michael D. Purvis

    There definitely was something wrong… I noticed a problem too… I think/hope its all sorted out now… -M:)

  2. Munna Bhai

    one of the message in my mailbox is there for last couple up montgs. I am unable to delete. In turns it disable the delete key.

  3. ....

    do you know what ?? this happen with me too ! in addition to many other problems .. sometimes my page eat my comments !!!

  4. wisenicesam

    I sometimes face issue with editing the font.As far as duplicate blog post is concern I think u clicked submit button twice while the process was going on.

  5. Veeru వీరు

    Lucky you, hope u never have 🙂

    But what about when trying to delete, if it gives an error message

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