Two Films and some fun

Something was wiered last night when I decided to go watching movies alone and back to back. The 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm movie both of them. It was at around 5:30 pm that I decided to watch the PARTNER a salman khan and Govida starrer movie but who would be left behind for a double bonanza yup u expected that right. It was houseful. I did not want to hang my head and walk away so took a ticket for the adjacent cinema AWARAPAN.

Review: It was not that amusing or entertaining but its ok. (Thats how you reconcile 🙂 ). There were some real amazing concepts in the movie and before I go any further lemm warn you except for a few preachings and Budha shown again and again and few shots of the Mulims in Namaz peacefully the rest of the movie is a dumb gang war and a gang warriors love story and his feelings. His frustration in life and his escapades and at the end of it its GOD that wins the war or shall we call it faith. Shriya who is riding the wave of her success in Shivaji ( (this is one movie which went north in collections and topped the charts overseas as well as back home but hold on I didnt like the first half and not the plot in the least) is cast the innocent lover girl who dies mid way in the film.

My take: Seems like christianity has given way to Budhism as a source of inspiration and peace atleast in bollywood. Or is it the market thats dictating the plot and symolisms. Do we call it soft power I really donot know?! But the plot is clearly confused and script is gone dashing in Hongkong. Well then what else is wrong, veeru says everything except shriya and the GOD (actually he / is it she?) is the nucleus of the plot. Leaving it here the gang war and the gangs are at their worst but what is more shocking is even Hongkong doesnt have a clear place in the movie. So what do we go and watch is it emran hashmis locks or the chubby faced Shriya ? Is it the human trafficking (except the end of the movie there is no mention of it) ? may be ! Now u understand why I said confused ?

After watching Awarapan I felt like God what was that I was watching for the past 2 and half hours so this time around I wanted to try a Telugu movie. Infact I should have done this much earlier. Satyabhama ( is said to be a straight lift from the english movie 50 First dates and in the first look it seems like a repeat of ghazani with a difference in the gender. But one this is for sure the movie caught my attention with the caption and still continues to do so. What if you had to fall in love with your ladylove everyday afresh.


Seems romantic and it is whats your take on that. I am bowled, flattered and isnt it a nice feeling. As far as the action goes there is definitely very less scope of action but for the bits of comedy and twists and turns that beat the telly serial soap operas. But wait its not over as yet. Theres this wonderful hairstyle in which the hero seems to have clicked and there are two counts in which the film (in my opinion clicked.) One being the Sand sculpture and two being the amnesia patients. And surely there is one thing I loved apart from those romantics the kalanjali advertisement…. you remember that pic with a lady facing back to the camera and wearing a saree exposing her romantic back yup thats one thing shown really well here.

an awesome hoarding on necklace road i just luvd it


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